Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday tidbits...

Hooray!  TGIF!  The weekend is almost here - here are a few Friday tidbits...

I have a small obsession with coffee.  Ok, more than small.   I love coffee.   And recently I've started using the "nice" cups and saucers while relaxing at home - mostly on the weekend when I don't want to do dishes want to get fancy.   There is something fun about using a saucer with a coffee cup.  

I have a new belt.   I don't wear belts, but I wanted to try a new accessory.  Of course I can't find the one that I got on the Gap website, but here is something similar.  Love.

My new issue of House Beautiful arrived in the mailbox yesterday - EEK!   Can't wait to dive in this weekend and explore.  Isn't it fun getting the mail when you know something good is going to arrive soon?

It's been raining for days here in PA.  We MIGHT see some sun this weekend.   Please sun come out soon.  The plus side - our grass and flowers look wonderful!

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And now my little Sweetie Pie needs to get ready for her day - one of my favorite things is listening to her in her crib in the morning.   She does not talk yet but boy does she jibber jab and chit chat and everything else a soon-to-be 9-month old has an opinion about in their own little language - cutest thing ever.  

Have a great weekend!

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