Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm in awe...

Of how many beautiful ways Mother Nature creates...remember this print?  It literally came to life, and right in my own backyard!  My Mom has this great little nursery down the street from her, and they have the most beautiful selection of flowers, shrubs, garden accessories  - anything garden related.   On Mother's Day, we took a little drive over and I made a few purchases (thank you Mom for watching my little Sweetie-pie while I browsed ALL over the nursery).  Every year I think I've topped the previous year with the colors and varieties I've selected for annuals, but this year I really do think is the best I've gotten so far in my three years of planting as a homeowner.  

I was so drawn to white this year.  This hanging plant was given to me by my Mom, but I've really started to enjoy the cascades and little white flowers that keep popping up.  Isn't it pretty?

Then I selected this hanging basket and I'm fascinated by the large, round white blooms of this New Guinea impatien.  I literally stare at it and try not to get mad when a petal has some dirt on it.  One of the signs at the nursery said "white is the sparkler of the garden" - I was hooked.  

I couldn't resist some orange, so I was hooked as soon as I saw this New Guinea impatien (it reads a little red in this picture but it really is a brilliant orange with a hint of pink in the middle) - and I also picked up the blue planter shown as well.   I love the flower in the planter - perfect little combo to spice up our front porch.

How about these purple beauties?  They don't even look real, do they?  I had these in the front of the house, but then just this evening moved them to the back.   I needed some more color back there.  I love these!!

I have another planter of pansies and just look at these yellow pansies that look like they have eyelashes on them - the details in these are amazing.

And now for some foliage - I'm very proud of myself for the angle on this picture - especially because I am far from a professional photographer but I thought this turned out so well.  For the life of me I can't remember what the big guy is called in this photo, but underneath is a sweet potato vine, which is very low maintenance and does so well in full sun.  And then to the left of that is a petunia.

And I had to photograph my latest pick-up from Homegoods.  I thought this would be cool for either a candle or a small potted plant.   I'm leaning more toward a candle to be used on a nice spring or summer evening when we want to enjoy some porch time with a nice cold one.  I liked the rustic look of it.

So that is my planting progress thus far - maybe I'll do some progress photos mid-summer.

What sort of plants or colors from your garden have inspired you this season?

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