Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Attempt at Organization

It's tough to stay organized around the house - especially with a soon-to-be 9-month-old crawler who is into everything.  Our house is fairly small, so we try to maximize our space and organization methods as much as possible.  Our living room is going through a mini-makeover (still finishing up some final details but I promise to post about this soon).  One of my goals for the makeover was to try to create an entryway type of area where we could keep bags, shoes, keys, coats, and any other essentials needed to get in and out of the door.   In a dream world something like this:

My vision for the small space is function mixed with fun and lots of color.  We are using the Ikea Expedit in white as a console type of table.  It's a really great storage piece and you can't beat the price tag.  I had also envisioned maximizing some of the wall space and adding hooks to one of the walls (sort of like the photo above).  My thought with the hooks was that each of my family members would have a hook.  To personalize the area to house the hooks, I had also thought about doing some sort of monogram to identify each hook.   I picked up two sets of the Leksvik hooks from Ikea (again, can't beat the $4.99 price tag for two hooks) and spray painted them teal (I picked up the can of spray paint from Lowe's).  Here is what the hooks look like now:

My husband also suggested spray painting the screws as well.  But I thought, how am I going to do that without getting my hands all messy with spray paint?  Well folks, my husband is a genius.   Who knew that using an empty box of pasta would double as a makeshift canvas for spray painting screws?  Just punched each screw through the box and sprayed away!

So there is my quick update to the Leksvik hooks.  I plan to mount them with some sort of monogram on top of each one.  I was thinking about maybe a few of these from Anthropologie:

Or maybe doing some sort of DIY project that would involve a look like this:

A few other accessories I plan on adding to the entryway - one of these baskets but I got mine at Homegoods for a fraction of the PB price:

And a tray similar to this one that we can throw keys, mail, change, jewelry, etc.:

I love me some orange zig zag and fresh flowers.

If anyone has any other entryway storage ideas, I'd love to hear them.

PS - Is anyone hooked on Pinterest as much as I am?   Goodness gracious it's addicting!  

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