Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Playing With Pillows

I had bought this bench off of Craig's List a few months ago.  I liked the classic look of the Windsor style, but I also liked the high back and slimmer look that it had compared to other Windsor benches that I've seen.  I've contemplated painting it, but I haven't decided what color or if I really do want to paint it or not.   I'm thinking that some fun pillows might be the punch that this classic piece needs.  So I decided to play.  Here is Mr. Plain Windsor Bench.   It doesn't look so comfy, I know, but with a pillow or two it he is real comfy (I've already spent many mornings and afternoons sipping coffee and feeding my little sweetie pie while sitting here).

Enter pillows (look #1)...I added a few pillows that I already own just to see what some color would do:

And, just for fun, I did a little pillow switcheroo:

It looks a bit more inviting now, don't you think?  I'll keep playing around with pillows until I find the right combo that I like, but I like the options so far.  I'm thinking maybe another pillow in a floral would be nice.  The blue pillow is from CB2 and the ikat pillow was purchased from World Market a few months back but looks to be out of stock.  These pillow choices were all compliments of help from Kirsten (thank you Kirsten!  Check out Kirsten's blog if you have a chance - she is extremely talented and one of the many reasons I am so much more passionate about this wonderful world of interiors and design but that is for another post.)  While I was browsing the World Market website, I came across this pillow that could be a nice option:

Or maybe a pillow in this fabric might work a little better which I found while getting lost on Pinterest.  This print wouldn't compete as much as the floral would with the ikat.   But, confession, I can't sew (anyone know a good place I can take some sewing lessons so I can whip up some pillow covers? I'm accepting any and all suggestions!)


That is my pillow play for the day, and I'm sure the saga will continue but a fun saga it will be of course. To paint or not to paint the bench?  Feedback gladly accepted.



  1. Holly, I think you are right about not painting the bench and just adding some color with pillows. The bench is really beautiful! IKEA actually has some great fabric prints (in case you learn to sew) but they have awesome already made pillows too. And for sewing lessons, ask an older relative! Lessons will be free and they usually are the best. My Nana taught me to sew.

  2. @ Sunshine Cupcakes - I love your suggestion of looking to a relative to teach. My Mom would be a perfect candidate but her sewing machine bit the dust a while ago.