Monday, May 30, 2011

Shelf Finds a New Home

I found this shelf at Phantastic Phinds, which is a great consignment shop not too far from work or home.    I really loved the details on the sides and thought it would be a nice piece to add somewhere in our home.   It has three shelves and the shelves are a decent width to add artwork or knick knacks.

I liked the color of the stain but from the start had envisioned painting it, which I did.  Yellow spraypaint, that is (I think Rustoleum).

Isn't it pretty?

The next question was "Where is it going to go?"  I had thought about my 9 month-old daughter's room which would be perfect but there isn't a ton of wall space left in her room to accommodate this piece.  I had also thought about the dining room because I thought it would add a lot of character, but decided against that because the one wall I had thought about placing it may have another piece of furniture on it soon.  So then I had remembered that we were in desperate need of some storage in our bathroom - our only full bathroom which is teeny tiny I tell you.   And it ended up being the perfect spot and perfect size for above the toilette.  

Those two pieces of art to the left of the shelf were give to me by my Mom - her friend's Mother had painted those in 1979 and I loved them.  Thanks Mom!  

Now the fun part - finding some things to store on the shelf.

What do you think?


  1. I really like the detail on the sides of the shelf.

  2. Holly! I LOVE this shelf. I only wish I had one in a floor to ceiling style. :-) Great job!

  3. Such a cute shelf - I love the detail on the side and the pop of yellow. The floral pics are so pretty too and I love when things have a special story or personal importance to them too. Thanks for linking up!