Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stainless and timeless

We renovated our kitchen in July 2009, and it was in need of a serious update (separate post about that later).  But one thing that I knew I wanted to keep in the much dated kitchen was this...
Anytime people would come to visit us this fine piece of machinery was always the hot topic of conversation, so I decided it would stay and from there I wanted more stainless.   After all, don't you think that stainless is here to stay?  I mean this oven was probably installed in the 60's (just a guess) and it's still awesome!

So once the cabinets were installed (which you can catch a sneak peek both above and below that we decided on off white cabinets) I went on a mission to select hardware.   Here is what I finally picked out:
And I love them!  (who loves hardware??!!  I do!!)    We ended up getting these and the drawer pulls from Lowe's.  I love the simplicity of them, yet that slight little curve gives them just enough something that I was looking for.

From there I knew I wanted a few other stainless accessories (this did not include more appliances).   I picked up the Vurm wine rack from Ikea for $9.99:

And then I stumbled upon this fork a few months ago at Homegoods for about $15:
So there is how I've used touches of "stainless" in our kitchen.  

I thought the kitchen needed something other than stainless as an accessory, so I just recently got these:

Both are from Crate and Barrel and only $3.95.  This is also a great dishtowel to have for the summer - the double stick popsicles remind me of my childhood:

So there is my mini-kitchen accessories tour.   A full kitchen tour to follow soon.  

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