Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where My Mind Wanders - The Hair Salon

My hair salon is a great place to get a lot of thinking done.  The waiting area, the shampoo chair (my favorite!), the dryer, the blowout.  And then my mind transitions to design mode...the bold print below would be perfect to have in the waiting area or entryway of this salon.   It's a hip and stylish place with a lot of young stylists, and they cater to both males and females so I tried to keep that in mind.  This print greets you with a HELLO come on in so we can make you look fabulous!


The waiting area has a few couches and chaise lounges so I thought a few of these pillows from Overstock would  be ideal.

Then I came across this print from this Etsy seller:

When I think of a hair salon I also think of music and rock & roll - kind of like a MAC counter.   And then I found this pillow that could be thrown on a slipper chair or bench where clients could sip on a glass of wine before their hair appointment (yes my salon does wine nights!).

What are some of your favorite spaces and places for inspiration?

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