Monday, June 6, 2011

Basement Update

Instead of doing a full out remodel of our basement, we have decided to paint the paneling, get new carpets, and do an update to the half bath.  Here is what the basement looks like now:

The railing is staying.  The carpet will get replaced (is that orange/brown hideous or what?!) and the olive/brown panels will get a few coats of primer and paint (haven't decided on a color yet).  Here is another photo of the basement in all its glory.

It is actually a decent size space that we are using for some storage right now, but once we've revamped it a bit I think we'll be more inclined to use this space to actually LIVE in.

Also included in this update is the half bath in the back corner (envision to the far right of the door above).  Here is a photo of it now.

I actually don't mind the look of it right now, but it's in desperate need of a new sink and a new toilet (I'm not even going to show you the toilet - let's just say it's the same color as the sink).  But I love love love the exposed brick - isn't it great?  And I love the mirror, which has storage behind it too.  And then I'm not sure about the lighting - it's not horrible but I think we need new sconces.  

Anyone do a bathroom renovation recently that has feedback on the lighting for me?  I would entertain ways to update the sconces, but I'm thinking it's a bit hopeless.  I'm thinking that we may replace with something stainless.

I'll post updates as this project progresses.

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