Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dad's Day Finds

I guess I should have ran this a bit sooner, but I've got Father's Day on the mind as it is quickly approaching.  Some fun and some practical gifts to give to any special guy in your life (doesn't necessarily have to be a Dad) and what woman doesn't want to  spoil their guy with something they'd never buy for themselves, right?

The print below I've already purchased for my husband's birthday (which was in February so I don't have to worry about ruining the surprise).  Make sure you check out this artist - she has some great pieces of art and a lot focus on food which would be great for a kitchen or dining area.  This one is called Homemade Pretzels and a Brew - my husband's favorite.

Etsy seller workingwoman

And I really love these towels - I think they are simple but fun and would be great for a beer tasting party.

Etsy seller NestaHome

How awesome is this grill?  I've come to appreciate the charcoal grill as my husband is obsessed with the one that we have, but needs an upgrade and this would be perfect (and it comes in a fun color!)  It's a Weber which you find lots of places.

And I don't know about you, but both my husband and my brother love t-shirts.  They just can't get enough of their t-shirts (I guess you can't blame them for all the purses, shoes, tops, pillows, thrift store finds, candles stuff us women love and save up to buy).  Throwback Max is a favorite of my husbands.  They sell retro t-shirts in a variety of throwback sports teams from all over the country, which is a neat gift idea if you know someone that visited or have roots in a certain part of the country.  

And last but certainly not least...a laptop sleeve.  These are awesome.  Another testimonial from me on this because this was another Christmas present (last year) for both of us my husband.  The sleeve shown below is not the one that I purchased (I ended up getting a pinstriped sleeve) but this would have probably been my second choice.  I love how rugged it looks.  *Just make sure you get the correct size to accommodate your particular laptop.  I'm pretty sure if you see a fabric you like in a different size the seller will be able to help you out - another reason I love Etsy!

Etsy seller bertiescloset

Hopefully my gift suggestions help - I know it can be impossible difficult to buy for those guys - but we love it, right?  Any great gift suggestions for guys to pass along?  


  1. Wow! such great finds! Especially that grill and laptop sleeve. love 'em. I hope you enjoy this Father's Day!

    I asked my friend to take pictures of me with my two boys, so hopefully my husband likes them!

  2. I agree! Men can be so difficult to buy anything for! This is a great list, I'll be sure to refer back to it for future gift giving occasions.