Monday, June 6, 2011

Dog-eared Carnival

(Research was done on how to spell the word dog-eared for the title of this post - writer's hunch was correct)

Does anyone dog-ear pages of a magazine as much as me?  I was taught not to dog-ear pages in a real book because it would damage the longevity of the paper, but boy do I know how to dog-ear the heck out of a magazine.

What's the point of this post?  One dog-eared page in particular from the June edition of Elle Decor keeps speaking to me - Page 71 to be exact.   That must mean inspiration.

Christopher Farr's Carnival fabric in green.  It's amazing and completely out of my price range, but the colors are beyond beautiful.  Please see the chairs in Exhibit A below.

Then I wondered if my eyes were deceiving me...another dog-ear occurs on Page 130.  As part of their 2011 top 25 A-list designers, Elle Decor chose Jeffrey Alan Marks as one of the 25.  His bedroom design below uses Farr's Carnival fabric on the bench, and it is awesome.

Jeffrey Alan Marks via Elle Decor

What's the lottery up to these days?

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