Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Tidbits

Happy Friday!  A few things I've been pondering this week...

My daughter's room is in desperate need of curtains.  Her room gets the afternoon/evening sun, and right now I have a fitted sheet thrown over her window to block out the light (whatever it takes, right?!)   I'm debating about this fabric:

Or going the geometric route:

Or better yet, maybe I'll do a pillow in the one that I don't choose for the curtains.  Mmm...

I had asked my Mom a few weeks ago about some doilies I remember around the house as a young girl. When my Mom came to visit a few weeks ago, she brought me a few to take a look at:

This picture doesn't do this piece justice but it is so pretty in person.   I'm just not sure where to put it or if I have the right spot for it in our home.   Here are a few more:

 Right now I just have them displayed on our dining room table (my favorite is the one on the right), but I'm debating whether or not to make something else out of them or maybe get them framed with a vibrant color background.  My Mom is not sure of the exact origin, but thinks either my Grandmother or her Mother made all of these.  The details are unbelieveable.

We've also decided on Sherwin Williams June Day for our front door.  I'm excited to see the transformation when it's all done - and I just saw that Sherwin Williams is running 30% off from June 26th-July 4th!  (I'm assuming it's a nationwide sale but just check your local shop)

Have you ever bought a candle online without smelling it in person?  I'm so curious about these candles...they were featured in House Beautiful a few months ago and I've been thinking about them ever since.

Etsy seller sydneyhale

I've got my Anthropologie birthday coupon burning a hole in my pocket so I may have a purchase or two to report back on next week.  I hope you have a great weekend!  


  1. I love love love the fabrics you selected and think you should try to use them both in the room. I don't know what has gotten in to me lately, but I'm all about the florals :)
    I also like your idea to frame the doilies with a bright background. It would be a good way to make something old fashioned look fresh and modern.

  2. I like both of those, so colorful. Great Idea to make the pillow out of the other. Let me know about the candles, I love great candles but am chicken to buy online without smelling them!

  3. I love both of those fabrics and can see either of them in a girl's room. I've been working on my daughter's room for some time now. I think it's the best project I have going because it's so bright and fun. Love the doillie idea:)

  4. I think the doilies would be so beautiful if they were mounted in a frame and hung together.

  5. They're both great fabrics! You can't go wrong!

  6. I'm so glad you found my blog so I could find yours! It looks like we have very similar tastes.

    -I love both fabrics for your daughter's room, but for some reason I'm always partial to blue and geometric. They would look gorgeous together though, maybe as a reversible pillow or with the blue as a trim panel at the bottom of the floral drapes??

    Love the idea of framing the doilies with a pretty fabric behind them. My favorite is the one on the right, too. So sharp and graphic.Can't wait to see what you do!

  7. I was at the flea market the other day and they had some doily's framed...I loved them! You should totally do it!