Friday, June 17, 2011

Jute Rug

I'm considering this rug for a few reasons.   It seems durable, adds some texture, and I like the idea that it could probably be pretty versatile whether moving into another room in our existing home or in another home if we move in the future.  And bonus points if I don't like it I can just drive 2 miles down the road and return it to Target.  The downside...the price tag...$600 (for the 8x10)!  Does that seem a little crazy?  There are no reviews of it either so I'm thinking it's a newer item for them.

Then, since I have the day off today and spending it with my daughter, I got the mail and browsed through the Pottery Barn summer sale catalog that arrived today.  They have a similar version (8x10) for half the price...price tag...$300 (and I can still return it to the mall also down the street if need be).

So what am I asking of all of you?  Help!  It would be great to hear any feedback on the Pottery Barn or Target rug if anyone has seen it, bought it, touched it.  And I'd also gladly accept comments on the jute rug in general.  

Why do I find rug shopping to be so impossible?

Happy Friday!  

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