Saturday, June 11, 2011

State of the Planters - and Front Door Ideas

Here are a few pictures of the current state of our planters.  These first two photos are of planters in the front of the house and get full sun:

As you can see our house is brick, so I thought the yellow planter would look good against the brick.  The petunias are actually a very deep pink/magenta color, but they read a brighter pinky pink (did I just write pinky pink?) in these photos.  I LOVE the sweet potato vine variety I picked out this year (must repeat that again next year if I can find it).  And the sprout-like flower is really cool - but I forget the name of it.  You can't see in the photos but the edges of the leaves are pink and so pretty.

This next planter replaced the pansies that I had out front.  I just planted this one earlier this week.

The tall white flower is angelonia, and it's another new favorite of mine.  The pink flower is vinca, and the trailing flower is called creeping jenny.  

The planter below is one of two on our back patio.

Again, that fun sprout-like flower strikes again in this planter (can you tell how much I love it?).  The pink flower is a geranium, and the trailing flower is called live wire.  I saw this in a planter at the nursery and thought it was different.  

So that is the current state of our planters as of this morning.  I'll try to do a check-in each month. 

Since we are talking curb appeal, we have decided to replace our front door.  I found this image on Pinterest as a possible color scenario.  What do you think of the yellow against the brick?   

And just for fun, how striking is this front door?  I love the high gloss finish - and how pretty is the color of the molding?  You can see more of my front door images on Pinterest.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Your planters are looking great!I wish you would come design mine (I am always stuck when it comes to gardening). Happy weekend.