Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Curb Appeal Update

Our to-do list is sooooooo long, but I always feel like I keep the curb appeal aspect at the top of the list.  It's the first thing that you see as you approach our home and I just like to have it look nice, but it takes some hard work.  Here's the running list:

     - Paint front door (happening soon - next week hopefully)
     - Polish hardware on front door (when I have the energy to scrub and scrub and scrub until there's no tomorrow)
     - Install new shutters  (also hopefully happening next week)
     - Paint the railing on the front porch (when we get around to it - but our neighbors is freshly painted and looks like lipgloss and ours looks like a chalkboard - not curb appeal friendly)

First off, our door still isn't painted.  Uh.  It'll get done eventually but it's one of those things you just want done.  We did decide, after painting a large sample on poster board, to go with June Day which is a Sherwin Williams color.  I think it's really going to look great with the brick.

Have you ever polished brass?  There's a reason it's called brASS.  It takes some major elbow grease.  Here is what our door knocker looks like now...

Isn't she half pretty and shiny?  Does it scream "Holly you have ADD!"?  This screams to me "Holly get your butt in gear and polish the heck out of that thing - get 'er done!"  Okay, that is the pep talk I needed.  But seriously, if anyone has brass polish recommendations, I'm all ears.  I've been using Brasso and have also tried Maas.  They're okay, but I want some instant gratification here.  I want it to look brand spanking new - like this:

Good work Mom or should I say Super Woman?
And just a side note, this letters slot will not actually be functional but will just look pretty on the door.

I don't have any pictures of the shutters or the railing.  They're not horrible, but it will look really nice when the updates are complete.  I'll try to take some before and afters so I can show the complete update.

Lastly, if it weren't for these beauties that are doing so well in the front, we'd be next on John Gidding's list (do you watch Curb Appeal:  The Block on HGTV? They do some amazing amazing updates.)  These are the planters that I had shown you here.  

Okay, so that's the word on our curb appeal updates.  Hoping to have some more updates next week (think: painted door, painted door).

And, in other news, the curtains for my daughter's room arrived today and I am in love with them!  They are beautiful and the construction is perfect.  Erin from Plush Studio does amazing work.  I can't wait to show you.  Once they are installed I'll show you her entire nursery (is it still a nursery if a child is approaching a year old?  when is it not a nursery anymore?).

What sort of curb appeal/outdoor projects do you have going on?  Any big outdoor projects on the to-do list for the fall?  I LOVE fall.


  1. Love the color!! Can't wait to see it in action :-)

  2. You are a busy lady! I think the yellow will look so pretty with the brick.

  3. Hi, curb appeal is so important. I am visiting via The Mustard Ceiling, adding you to blogroll.

  4. I'm ready for fall :). Wow, Holly you're busy. I can't wait to see the changes..the yellow is going to be fun for your front door.

    Thanks for linking up to mix and mingle this week.

  5. hey holly-i use brasso too, but it requires quite a bit of elbow grease, not to mention that it stinks! i've been meaning to try bar keepers friend, but it you don't have any of that, good old salt & lemon juice should work!


  6. Hey Holly! Love how lush and colorful your pots look. Good luck with the brass. It takes a ton of elbow grease. Did you try ketchup yet? (see you Sat?)

  7. That is a very good question...I guess if it still has a crib in it??? No idea, obviously (c: But I want to see that door all painted...the color is going to be adorable!

  8. I think I am going to love your yellow door!!!

  9. Your changes are going to make such an impact (aren't those the best kind?)
    Keep up the hard work, it is all going to pay off...and I can't wait to see the end result!

  10. Do you have after pictures of the door? I recently painted my door yellow too!