Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DIY Cornice - Part 1

I had posted a few days ago about the curtains in our kitchen.  Well I finally got around to starting the no-sew cornice for the other window in the kitchen (I couldn't leave that window all bare and lonely, right?)  I found this no-sew DIY cornice tutorial through Rhoda at Southern Hospitality.   Rhoda's instructions are really great and I've gotten through the template part of the project.   All you need is foam board (which I found at my local craft store), duct tape (yes, that's right duct tape - awesome!), tape measure, batting, a staple gun and staples (Rhoda suggests 3/8"), 2 hooks, a glue gun, and your fabric of choice.

I've gotten through the template part of the project which involves foam board, duct tape, and the tape measure.  I hope the rest is as easy because I am really excited about this.   Here are a few photos:

You'll notice I had to hack off a piece of the board after I had already taped.  I placed the board up against the window and decided I didn't need that much width for placement on the wall.

You'll also notice that I didn't do anything fancy with my template.  I did a good ol' easy straight, clean line look.  

 Another view of my completed template - and what do you think of my daughter's pink truck in the background?  Love it!

If all goes well in Corniceland, I hope to be back tomorrow with Part 2 and a finished product.

Oh and PS - I've never used a staple gun before - wish me luck!


  1. Looks good...I just made one of these for my daughter's room too. I'll post it once I get the curtains made. Can't wait to see your finished product!

  2. Great job! I also love no sew ideas! Can't wait to see the finished product! :)

  3. Ah, that's cool! We did ours with wood which I am sure is much heavier and harder on the walls. Looking good!

  4. I did the same project with Jenny's instructions from Little Green Notebook. It turned out well! Can't wait to see yours:)

  5. How clever! Never thought of that!