Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Guessing Game

I'm working on a few different projects right now, so in an effort to save a little time I have a quick post for today...

Any guesses what I'm going to do with this...????  It's not super exciting but it will give me the look I'm going for and I'm pretty excited about the result.

**If you're wondering, "mmm...what the heck is it?"  It's rattail cord that I got at Joann Fabric for $1.58.

And I was really hoping to be done with painting the dining room chairs I picked up a few weeks ago, but I wasn't really happy with the paint I was using on the chairs so I went to pick-up some better new paint today for them.  Hope to have an update soon.

Speaking of chairs, Suzy from Saved By Suzy is hosting a link party today for any of your painted furniture projects (or any house projects for that matter).  If you have anything you want to share check out Suzy's blog.  She does some great furniture makeovers as well as other fun projects around her home.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I'm curious about the rattan? Do you have to re-cane a chair?

  2. Ooo...I love a good project! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve (c: And to see how the chairs turn out...i like a good chair makeover even more than a project, hehehe!