Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Curtains in the House

My daughter's room was curtain-less for way too long. I finally made the decision that we needed to have some curtains installed ASAP.

Her room is painted a bright green, so I knew I wanted something to soften the bold color we chose for the room. I also knew I wanted something very pretty to girly up the room (we didn't know what we were having before I delivered so the nursery was neutral).

I started browsing around Fabric.com and came across this Braemore fabric. It's Braemore Conservatory in Fuschia.

I had found a few other fabrics that I liked, but I kept coming back to this one. I loved that it would add some pink to the room, but it also has a bit of the green too. I also loved the geometric pattern.

Then I made the decision to have Erin from Plush Studio make the curtains for me (since I can't sew but will be learning how hopefully by the end of the year).

Well, can I tell you how excited I was when I saw a box waiting for me on the front porch last week? Can I tell you how BEAUTIFUL these curtains are in person? They are my new favorite thing in our house (besides the toilet in the basement bath but that's for another post). Take a look at the installation...

And if I wanted to be really dramatic I would have had a before photo for you, but I don't and I'm sorry because I you would love going back and forth between the two photos to see what these curtains add to the room. I'll say it again...they are amazing. And I love that these curtains could also grow with my daughter as well.

Another big shout out to Erin for the amazing job that she did on these. If you are interested in checking out Erin's work you can browse her Etsy shop here.

Isn't it amazing what curtains can do for a room? If there is a room that you have contemplated adding curtains to, do it! You won't regret it.

Do you have any rooms that are begging for some curtain love?


  1. I love the fabric and it looks great with the green. It's amazing the difference curtains can make!

  2. Love that fabric and the shorter length you chose is so fun for a girl's room!

  3. I love that fabric! It looks so good against the green walls.

  4. I'm pretty sure my whole darn house is still curtain-less...how sad is that??? They really add something great to a space and ours are sadly lacking without them )c: But those are fantastic!! I love pink and green together, it's such a happy combo!