Friday, July 1, 2011

No Sew Curtain Stuff

I've been so inspired recently with how much character and warmth curtains can bring to a room.  They can really make a room go from drab to fab.  And if you're anything like me, you don't even need a sewing machine to get the look.

These are the no sew curtains that are on our kitchen window that overlooks our back yard, and our sink is right underneath.  Needless to say I spend a lot of time here and want to have an enjoyable experience while looking out the window and washing dishes and bottles.  For a while we didn't have anything on the window (I don't know how or why we did that for so long?!), but last summer when I was pregnant and nesting I decided that we needed curtains on this window - stat.  And one more thing, I don't have a sewing machine (yet - I would love to get one - recommendations on a good affordable machine anyone?)

The fabric is from Joann but I can't find it online anymore.  When I was in the store earlier this week, I found the same fabric and I swear there was a little orange sticker that said "Clearance 4.19/yd".  I should have bought more right then and there.   But I didn't.  And I'm kicking myself.  Although Joann is having a 50% off sale and I plan on using the coupon(s) however many they'll take on getting more fabric.

How did I arrive at the curtains above?  We used Stitch Witchery and a good ol' iron.  I say "we" because my Mom helped me with these.

My Mom used to sew back when my brother and I were younger.  She sewed a lot of our clothing, Halloween costumes, all kinds of stuff.  She even did crewel work which I would love to get my hands on a piece or two that she did (Hi Mom!).  But anyway, my Mom is good with the details and particular which comes in handy for me.   Let's take a closer look at the no sew curtains...

Because our fabric was a geometric pattern, my Mom was able to line the fabric up so it was symmetrical and matched up when the curtains are closed.   Genius, don't you think?  (Thanks Mom I love these!) Ah, the little things that make me so happy.

So what am I going to do with more of this fabric?  Let me introduce you to Mr. Window Whoneedsomelovin.  

He needs some love, don't you think?  You probably can't tell, but we used the existing brackets that were on the window frame when we got new blinds and they're not quite an exact fit but it does the job (you've read it here before - whatever it takes!).   So I'm going to use the additional fabric to make a cornice.  I'm going to follow this tutorial.  

Wish me luck!  I'll make sure to give all the details upon completion.  

Do you have any window treatment goals in mind?


  1. Good luck on the Cornice. The fabric is so pretty. Great job. Any tips on using Stitch Witchery? I have to add a small band of fabric to curtains I made that are just a little shy of reaching the floor and really don't want to drag the machine out again...

  2. The curtains look great, and I never would have known they were 'no sew'.
    I have an inexpensive Brother that I use occasionally. It is good enough for the few times I've actually sat down and used it. I prefer "no sew" projects though. Less frustrating :)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love me some Stitch Witchery, isn't it the greatest? I've made many a valance with it, you'll have that next project done in no time.

  4. Fabulous job girl! I love the new curtain and the fabric is gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you whip up next!

  5. What a great job! Can't wait to see the new cornice board. I made a no sew Roman blind a few months back. It's an easy option as well! Tutorial to come!

    Thanks for visiting the blog today. So glad to have you!


  6. Great job on the curtains! I love stitch witchery!