Friday, July 8, 2011

Painting Furniture

I've been debating and debating and debating whether to paint the bench I picked up on Craig's List this past winter.  Remember the bench?  Classic Windsor but I thought the lines on it were different and that's what originally drew me to the bench.

I love it and we've been using it every night for meals.   I sit on the bench and my daughter sits in her high chair, and if my hubby is home from work yet he sits next to me on the bench.   I still haven't gotten any chairs yet (but hope to scoop something up this weekend at the I <3 Thrifting event) or pillows for that matter.

So long story short, to paint or not to paint?  I'm really leaning toward painting it - I think it would make me really happy and would be a fun project.  Of course, I went to Pinterest for some more inspiration photos...

I could relax in this room.

I love this more contemporary but relaxed look for the dining area.   And I love the plates displayed above the upholstered bench.

So what do you think?  Would you paint the bench or leave it be?  Are you working on painting any furniture these days?

I'm so excited too - I've signed up for my first blog workshop which will take place in a few weeks.  Thanks to Diane from InMyOwnStyle for letting me know about this event.  If you are in the Philadelphia area and interested in attending, let me know and I can send you the info.  

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh girl... paint away! Got for it!

    Thank you for stopping by Just A Touch of Gray! I'm glad you like what we did with our living room!

  2. I say paint it but I've been on a painting binge the last few months. I love painted furniture and think it gives a fun twist to traditional pieces. The big question of course is...what colour???

  3. Paint it! You;ll love it so much more!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  4. Oooh. What a great chair! I can't wait to see it with the OTHER chairs you picked up today! I had so much fun at I <3 thrifting... Philly style. Glad we could meet!

  5. Yay! I found you Holly! I had so much fun meeting you today and I love that bench. I like it how it is but painted would be nice. I don't think I am of much help, I am so indecisive at times.

  6. Paint away, you can do it!

  7. Hi, Holly!! Thank you so much for all your super nice comments over on my blog! Sorry, I've been a terrible comment-writer-backer. LOVE the bench! Beautiful! I can so picture you sitting there feeding your girl in a high charming and sophisticated:) Sounds like you got some chairs? Awesome. Hmmm, I say paint it. A fun pop of color would really play against the classic, traditional shape of the piece. Although maybe I'll withhold my judgment until I see the new chairs;)

  8. I would definitely paint it but I would do a crackle/distressed look on the arms and some of the back to give it a worn-in look.

  9. i saw paint it! when i saw it, grey immediately came to mind....

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