Monday, July 25, 2011

Quick Project

Remember the little spoof I posted the other day about what I was going to do with this?

Navy rattail cord bought at Joann Fabric for $1.58

It's pretty easy and may not be that exciting to some people, but I love that I went from this (boring!):

To this...(lighting is horrible but I swear it really does look good)

It's such a simple and easy update, but doesn't it add a bit of sophistocation and not to mention color to an otherwise plain white lamp shade?  I had seen ribbon used on a lamp shade before, but I liked the rattail cord for a sleeker look.

This shade is on one of a pair of lamps that are currently in our living room, but will be moving to the master once I find new lamps for the living room.  I've pretty much been stalking Home Goods for some lamps but haven't had much luck recently.  Do you have any other hot spots for good lamps at affordable prices?


  1. Such a small piece made such a huge difference!

  2. What a great transformation! I love the look! I also stalk homegoods for lamps. Other great sources are Target, Pier 1 Imports and TJ Maxx. Best of luck on your hunt!