Thursday, July 7, 2011

With the Staple Gun; In the Living Room (DIY Cornice, Part 2)

Remember the board game Clue?  Yes, there was a massacre in my living room tonight and it involved the cornice.  It's all complete and I'm pretty happy with it, but it's not pretty (but who will ever know?).   Check out the back of the cornice first...

Hence, the massacre...after I happily started stapling away, the staples started coming out a little bit from the foam board.  No need to panic, right?  Bring in the duct tape!  I placed duct tape along the staples to keep them in place (hopefully - I'll let you know in a week if we're still ok).

So now for the reveal (not yet installed - I need to get hooks)...

It's not perfect, but it works (I hope) and it's the look that I wanted.  I tried to keep the fabric symmetrical when pulling and stapling but it's a smidge off (hopefully no one will ever notice).

Hopefully I'll get those hooks and do the install later this week - stay tuned!

Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments and feedback on this project.  A few of you have done this project too so I was excited to get some tips.  There are so many various ways you can do this project.  This was a first for me, so I'm glad it turned out fairly well.  Here's to another cornice in my future.

Anyone working on any fun DIY projects that you have never done before?  It's fun to try new things out - you definitely learn a thing or two.  

Have a great day!


  1. Love the fabric you picked and I think you used even more duct tape than I did!

  2. I give you a lot of credit for trying something new. Your cornice looks great!
    I used to be fearless. Now I'm afraid of messing up and wasting money on materials. I need to get over that fear soon because I have a couple of DIY projects in the queue I need to get started on.

  3. It looks great, Holly! Can't wait to see it up. Nice work!

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