Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Inspiration and Our Kitchen Renovation

I found this piece of artwork at TJ Maxx two years ago, and I knew that I needed to have it for our home. It was perfect and the bold colors were so pretty. It's currently hanging in our dining room, which is open to our kitchen.

Ugh...I just love it! It's very...orange. I love orange. I love the greens and the yellows. And for $19.99 how could I pass it up? I've relied on this piece numerous times to pull colors from throughout the house. I often wonder when we move if I'll still find a special spot for this piece.

What is the inspiration piece for your home? If you're in a second or third or fourth home, has your decor and inspiration changed from house to house?

Changing gears...I've been meaning to bust out the kitchen renovation photos. 

Check out the before...lovely, charming, any other words come to mind? 

Hot laminate mess? You can't see from this photo but the backsplash AND the ceiling were done in laminate. The lighting was awful. There were some positives to the space...stainless appliances (minus a dishwasher that we would add), newer hardwood floors, and lots of cabinet space.

Check back tomorrow for the "after"...I've shown a few photos in the past that gave an idea as to what we did. It's quite the dramatic change from the laminate mess.

Do you think this was a hot look back in the 70's? 


  1. Laminate ceiling?? I've never heard of such a thing. Your inspiration picture is so pretty...lots of great colors to pull out from it. I had a Italian countryside painting that I loved and used for years. However, as I've been changing up my decor and getting rid of the whole Tuscan thing, I've taken it down and need to find something new. BTW, I returned the horses painting. Just not me.

  2. The backsplash and the ceiling? That's helpful! Jeesh! People make the craziest choices. I'm dying to see how your kitchen looks in the "after".

    I do have an inspiration piece. It's an oil painting I found at a resale shop and it has really set the tone for the colors around here. Granted, there are a million colors in the painting, but the deep emerald/turquoise color of our dining room came directly from there. And we are painting our brick fireplace wall so that the painting can sit on the mantle and look pretty. :-)

  3. That piece of artwork was a great find. I could see it brightening up a second floor hallway, mudroom or over a bed. It's nice when you can find a piece that would work equally well in several areas of a home, that's when you know it's a must-have.

  4. Hehehe...just because they liked it back then, doesn't mean it was good, right? (c: I'm excited to see the after photos! And I actually really like your poppies art, but then I'm a huge fan of orange right now (don't judge (c:)

  5. Yes that is certainly a hot laminate mess! I have a feeling it looks gorgeous now! Can't wait to see the pics. My house was built in 67 and still has the original bathrooms, ugh. Can you say mustard and avocado laminate? What were they thinking?

  6. Oh my!!! That is just what you said a "hot mess!"
    Love the faux raised panels on the doors, wonder who came up with that idea?!

    Love the orange poppies in your inspiration painting, can't wait to see how it looks in your DR/new kitchen as I am assuming that his piece drove your design!


  7. Wow, that before is something else! Can't wait to see the after!!