Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inspiration and Our Kitchen Renovation - Take 2

Yesterday I shared my inspiration piece for our home and the kitchen "before" it got renovated.You can view that post here.

Here are a few more Before pictures to set the tone and to keep you on the edge of your seats a bit.

Gotta love the beer bottle, empty paper towel roll, and piece of hardware missing from the cabinet. Can you believe we actually toyed with keeping the cabinets and hardware? This was two years ago - a lot changes in two years :)

This is the photo I shared with you yesterday. There is a lot of stuff on the counter. When the guy came out to measure the space, he actually mentioned several layout and code flaws that he noticed. First, the distance between the counter and the bottom of the cabinets was not large enough. Secondly, there needs to be a certain distance between the cooktop and the fridge. So both of these problems got fixed during the renovation.

This wall divided the kitchen and the dining room. This was something we would not compromise on - we wanted this wall cut in half - no ifs, ands, or buts. Done and done. Our contractor gave the okay that it was a go. HOORAY!

This is another photo looking out of the kitchen into the dining room and stairway to the second floor. That door on the left leads down to the basement. Next to that door is a pantry and we were able to get a cabinet to fit there.

Are you ready for the AFTER?

Remember my inspiration piece?

The new and orange improved kitchen!

All of these photos were taken two years ago, and there was still a lot that needed to be done, but I think you can see the change this space went through.

Isn't it amazing how taking down part of that wall opened up the space?

Honest opinions on the wall color because I was just talking with my husband about possibly switching it up to something a bit more, um, subtle. What do you think? (We may possibly be moving next year so I think we may have to change the wall color anyway to appeal to more buyers - I know some people are scared of the orange.)

There's that inspiration piece in the background! 

And my favorite pantry cabinet next to the basement door. You wouldn't believe how much stuff this cabinet holds.

So there you have it...our new and improved kitchen.

I haven't snapped any current shots of the kitchen in quite some time and we have made a few changes, but I'll save those for another post, another day.

Hope you enjoyed the kitchen before and after.

What has been the most rewarding change in your home?


  1. Your kitchen really looks wonderful, your old cabinets have served their purpose :) Really nice blog! I'm doing a giveaway please stop by.

  2. I am just SO jealous of your white cabinets :>) Will I ever get the courage!??!?!

  3. That is one *drastic* change...and a fabulous one, at that! I'm a big fan of the orange, but I guess you are right that it's not for everyone...darn it. (c: The white cabinets just look so pretty against that bright color...

  4. orange is all the rage right now. love the bright white cabs with the orange accents.
    well done. oh, new follower, too. i'll be back.

  5. Wow wow wow! What a transformation!
    I really like the orange, it looks current, especially with the white cabinetry. Though I understand wanting a change, and if you are going to have to paint it anyway in order to sell it, then you might as well get to enjoy the new color for a little while, right?

  6. Cutting that wall in half was a brilliant idea. I love a good before & after.

  7. I think the orange is awesome and I'm a big believer in having your home reflect you, even when on the market. The kitchen is renovated, if you style it and have finishing touches in there that pull things together (sounds like you do) then a future buyer will see the space for what it is and know that painting is a simple, easy project compared to renovating. If you were thinking of changing the color anyway, I agree with Carrie!


  8. I love your kitchen! Mine isn't as large as yours but I definitely need to cut open the wall to open it up more and not be so claustrophobic. Do you mind sharing your contractor and how reasonable was it? Thanks.

    P.S. I love the wall color

  9. Awesome awesome transformation! Amazing what a little paint and a lot of hard work can do! Great job!! I love it!