Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Window Treatment

This week is busy, busy with lots of prepping for the big 1st birthday bash this weekend. Trying to clean, finish up projects around the house, and of course major to-do list for food, cake, etc.

I wanted to show a quick update I did to the full bathroom. I knew that a window treatment was needed, so I have been browsing fabrics for something that would fit in the bathroom nicely. You can see my bathroom post here for a recap.

Since I have no sewing skills whatsoever, I also knew I'd be breaking out the Stitch Witchery to hem this one up. I decided to do just a straight valance - simple and easy.

Here is the before photo. Yikes. New blinds will be coming at some point, but for now the valance will somewhat camouflage the ugliness of the blinds.

And the brackets had already been hung before I realized I didn't have a before/ugly shot.

Here's the window now...

I was really second guessing my fabric choice at first, but it's grown on me a lot. The fabric is Waverly Fishbowl in Caviar which I got from Fabric.com. 

Initially I thought it was competing too much with the shelf, but I'm happy with it (anything is better than ugly broken blinds). I wanted something that had a little yellow in it to compliment the shelf, but also something to neutralize the space which I think the black helps with nicely. I was also a bit hesitant that the large scale print on the fabric would be too much (since this is a really small full bathroom), but it's working for now.

What are your thoughts on the fabric choice? It is bold which I know is not for everyone. Have you ever had a small bathroom such as this one? If so, how did you make it work and maximize its potential?


  1. The fabric looks perfect especially with the yellow shelves. Not too bold at all.

    My best- Diane

  2. Hi Holly, I love your fabric choice and I think it looks great with your shelf! You have done such a great job with the remodel, I like it a lot!

  3. Holly, I *really* like it! And I especially love the length you've chosen. It's a very updated look and it's fabulous!

    P.S. Would you be interested in writing a guest post for me? It can be about whatever you'd like!

  4. I really like your fabric choice ... I think the bold fabric is great for the small scale room. And, on a side note, I LOVE the shelf (and don't think they're competing)!

    ps, thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments on my blog today! :)

  5. I just happened upon your blog today and so happy that I did! I love that fabric- you have no idea how much. It's perfect for something that I have in mind! Thank you!

  6. Oh, I love the fabric, it looks great! Your bathroom is looking amazing! Love it!

  7. I love the fabric and it pulls in the color from the shelf perfectly and grounds it with the black. But, then again I am a sucker for large scale fabrics! I think your bathroom is looking great!