Friday, August 5, 2011

Random Friday Tidbits...

Ok, just a few random things for this beautiful Friday...

Remember my curb appeal updates a few weeks ago? You can see that post here. Well the shutters have been replaced - woo hoo! And the front door has been prepped for priming/painting - sanded, wood-filler, all of that stuff that goes into prepping an old wood door. Maybe I'll have a reveal next week (fingers crossed!).

Remember this yellow shelf that I had gotten at a local consignment shop? I linked it up to Suzy's Thursday House Party. Lots of fun house project stuff over there - check it out when you have a chance!

Also, if you ever read Centsational Girl, I'm sure you have seen her dining room reveal earlier this week. Number one - it's fantastic. Number two - her dining room is painted in Benjamin Moore's Camouflage - which is what we have in our dining room! I was so excited when I saw that color in action elsewhere. Got me thinking about bringing that color into the kitchen, but I think the kitchen is staying orange for the time being (thanks to some great comments and support on the orange!).

Lastly, I just had the most amazing vegan chocolate chip cookie at Whole Foods! Do you have a Whole Foods near you?

Does your brain also work like this on a Friday?!

Have a great one!


  1. You're too funny! Yes, on Friday, it seems like my brain is all over the place. I'm ready to recharge this weekend. :) I'm off to check out the dining room reveal on the blog you mentioned. Thanks for the tip! Have a great weekend! :)

  2. My brain is always going crazy! Thanks for the shout out. I just went back and checked Cent's Girl's dining room. That is a great neutral. As for the front door, do you have to take it down and off the hinges to paint?