Thursday, September 8, 2011

Before-Before - A Master Plan

Yesterday I posted about my plans for our master bedroom.

I mentioned that there had already been some work done to the room, so here are a few photos that I took of the master bedroom the day that we settled on our house back in November 2008.

Eek, I feel claustrophobic just looking at this picture.

We said bye-bye to the paneling, the carpet, the wallpaper (do you see how discolored and dingy it looks?), the light fixture, and the curtains. I might add that the former owner was an impeccable seamstress from what I can gather and I do believe she made these curtains - they are hung perfectly in my opinion. I chopped off the top of the photo but the entire length of the wall was framed out in a cornice which you can see a small piece of in this photo. Looking back on this now, with an updated wall color, these curtains may have been salvageable.

I also showed a photo of the dresser that the former owner had left for us. Here it is again in all its glory:

I remembered that when I first inspected the piece that there was a small engraved inscription in one of the drawers, so I took another look last night. It says:  R-Way Furniture expressly made for ______ (insert the name of the former owners). There is no date unfortunately, but I got right on the computer and started researching R-Way. It appears to have been a large midwestern furniture manufacturer from the early to mid 20th century based out of Sheboygan, Wisconsin (shout out to my Midwestern friends and readers!) If any of you know anything else about R-way I'd love to hear about it! I'm going to research some more, but figured I'd let you in on this detail. The lighting in our room was not great tonight but I'll try to take a picture of the engraving - it's pretty cool. I imagine that the former owners may have bought this set when they first married. They never had any children, so the house was in really great shape when we bought it - it just needed lots of updating to bring us into the 21st century if you know what I mean.

So there you have it...a few before-before pictures of our master for you and a little bit of history on our dresser. I love pieces that have a history or story behind them.

Do you have anything in your home that has a special story behind it?

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