Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chair Update

Remember the chairs that I had picked up at Thrifting Day?

I had one chair down and here is what it looked like updated...

I had Sherwin Williams do a color match of Blue Fjord by Olympic. 

I decided it was time to tackle the armchair mostly because I was excited to change up the fabric on the seat.

Here is what the chair looked like when I bought it.

The stain was really dull and the upholstered seat was screaming for some new fabric. I painted the chair the same color as the other chair to keep it consistent.

Here is what the armchair looks like now, and I *LOVE* it!

It's quite the bold choice in fabric I made isn't it? But I knew I wanted something different and I knew that I wanted to try to tie in the other colors we have going on in the house - greens and oranges. In our next home maybe I'd do something pretty and floral, but this house is all about bold color.

The fabric is A New Twist in seaweed by Waverly, and I got it from Fabric.com.

Waverly from Fabric.com

Here are some more pictures of the armchair now.

There are so many great fabrics out there that I could have chosen, and even more now as I look through different sites but overall I'm very happy with how the chair turned out. It's really been brought back to life with a little paint and some new fabric - amazing what just a little bit can do.

I did have some trouble painting the caning. It took multiple coats and I actually ended up touching it up a few times with the smallest sponge tool I could find which worked out well.

Does anyone have any tips for painting caning?

This chair is now sitting happily in our dining area. Are you working on any furniture updates? 

Next up for me is tackling our dresser and nightstand, which is part of our master makeover. I hope to show you the design board for that soon.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!


  1. Amazing project, love, love love the blue. I'm a huge fan of taking old and making it new again - great post!

  2. I like the mix of old and new! I really like that fabric...I haven't seen it before.

  3. Incredible Holly - what a transformation. The fabric just makes the whole chair come together and look so modern and fresh.

    To paint the caning you could use a very stiff stencil type brush and push it up and down on the surface to get into all the spaces. do it from underneath too.
    Martha Stewart crafts has a spray paint kit that you can use whatever latex paint color you want with it. It comes with little bottles that you fill with your paint and then screw onto the sprayer. It is small, but would be a way to get into the cane design.

    My best- Diane

  4. The fabric is to die for Holly! Love the combo of colors and the graphic pattern....it looks amazing with the blue painted chair! Hope your vacation turned out well despite Irene...glad you are back and thanks for always visiting!!!


  5. Wow, Holly! What a transformation! It looks amazing. Great job picking out the fabric.

    Look forward to seeing your next project!
    Take care,

  6. Great job Holly! Love the pattern on the fabric...so fun and fresh. Welcome back from your vacation.

  7. Oh how fun! I love chairs that make me smile :)

  8. I love how funky and fun these turned out. Way to go with the fabric choice!

  9. Ooh. Love the fabric choice! I need to try shopping for fabric online sometime. I'm tired of what I see at Joann's.

  10. Stunning, Holly! Great job. I'm a sucker for blue and the fabric is fabulous. Welcome back from your vacation!

  11. Welcome back! After hearing your issue with painting the caning on the chairs, I'm glad that I'll be spraying mine- one advantage of just using black! The blue is really pretty though- they look great!

  12. These look amazing! I love the blue color and the fabric. I bet they look so cheery in your dining room! :)

  13. Oh wow! What a fun chair! I'm your newest follower. Come check me out and follow me back at www.alivedinhome.blogspot.com