Monday, September 19, 2011

Choosing Fabric For Youngsters

I'm helping a friend with choosing some fabric for her daughter's room. They recently moved into a new home, and her oldest daughter is having fun decorating her new room.

She had chosen this comforter from Company Kids (which I would have put a photo here but it's one of those magnifying photos and I still haven't figured out how to copy that type of image - anyone know?).

They also have a chair rail in the room which was painted the fuschia pink color from the comforter on the bottom and white above the rail, so my friend had asked for some suggestions on fabrics she could use for curtains. This is a little tough as you don't want the print to be too busy due to the print of the comforter. I was also inclined to either repeat the fuschia in the curtain fabric or pull some of the yellow from the comforter to use for the curtain fabric, so here are a few I thought might work:

Premier Fabric-Chipper

Premier Fabric-Dotty

Premier Fabric-Miami

Premier Fabric-Tunisia

Premier Fabric-Chipper
(All Fabrics found on

I really like the chipper in the candy pink - I think that would work well. What are your thoughts?

This also got me thinking about choosing fabrics for a child's room. Depending upon the age of the child, you either need to think about keeping the option age-appropriate or you want to select an option that will "grow with" the child - but which way is the best way and what age do you make that decision?    I'm sure at some age the child wants a say in the options so how do you meet in the middle as far as the taste is concerned?  (**Can you tell helping my friend really got me thinking about children's rooms??)

Those are my thoughts - I'd love to hear yours and if you have any fabric lines that you like for children's decor I'm all ears!


  1. That will pack a lot of wow and be fun for the "client!" I think it is important to do a room at this stage of the game that can be tweaked a bit as the child gets to the teen years. Maybe a change of bed linens or paint color. Choosing a window treatment fabric that has flexibility for that shift is important. You've got a great start.
    Cathy @ Room Rx

  2. I like #1 & #2! Good luck choosing! I know you'll make the room shine!