Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Class #2 and a New Client

Class #2 is under my belt. Tonight my goal was to get to class a little early and hopefully chat with some of the other students. So I reintroduced myself to the woman next to me and we got chatting about the spaces we measured and drew to scale. I told her I had picked my dining room to measure and draw, which looked like a box. She then showed me her drawing and wow, it was bigger than my first floor, and get was her laundry room! (drool, faint) She has big plans for her laundry room though and really has a good idea of how it functions, so she's on the right track with it.

Class started and we reviewed our floor plans and a few people got to share. Those who shared also told us a little bit about how the space functions, which led us into our next planning (fun!) The instructor showed us a space and we had to play around with the layout and what furniture we would choose for the space, and the big question - where would we put the TV? (I put my TV in a built-in shelving wall-to-wall unit. A lot of people hung them - no surprise there).

Next up, we moved into another classroom, divided into small groups, and measured out the space. Here's where it gets fun...the space that we measured will be for our project of designing a loft space in the city for a hypothetical client. Ahhh...instant dreamland. But working in the group was a great experience. Two of us wrote down measurements (that was what I did) and two did the actual measuring. It was a great collaborative effort, and also got to chat with the others as we finished up our measurements which is always fun.

Now back to that hypothetical client loft project...we can think up any type of client profile to design for so that's basically all I thought about on the drive home. Single woman in the city, family of 3, family of 5, empty nesters, young couple, bachelor pad, two girlfriends...who would you design for if you could choose? I'm leaning toward a bachelor pad and maybe even getting my hubby involved to be my "client" and I think he's game (I think). It's all in the preliminary stages but I'll be sure to keep you updated on the progress. While my client is thinking about what he would like to see in his space, I came up with a few things that I'd love to utilize...

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

I'm feeling lots of metals and wood and maybe a surprise color - who knows! Hypothetical is fun.

Who would be your client for a hypothetical space?


  1. A loft, how fun! I like the idea of having it be a man's space and it looks like you have an excellent start!

  2. It would be fun to have a client with a view of the ocean. You definitely have your creative juices flowing.

  3. Sounds like such a fun project...make sure your "client" has a really big budget :)

  4. It looks like you've headed in a more masculine direction already. I always found in school that it was best to go with what my gut was telling me for a direction. It makes the whole project easier and more enjoyable. I'm so glad you enjoying your class. I bet you'll be outstanding!

  5. You're classes sound like so much fun! What a great idea to do a "manly" space...that sounds like a challenge, but I know you will be amazing!

  6. This sounds fun! I like the idea of designing a masculine loft. I think I too would make mine a bachelor and go a little industrial.

  7. Howexciting! Congrats on starting class! it will be so fun. :) I like where you're going with the hypothetical client. :) You'll do a great job.