Friday, September 30, 2011

Design Show House

Good Friday!!

I had the opportunity to tour the Chestnut Hill Design Show House and it was amazing. I could have probably spent hours there, but I was on my lunch break so I had to make it a somewhat quick trip (not really). I wish I had a buddy to drool with because all of the designers did an outstanding job. We were not permitted to take any photos (are a lot of show houses like that?) but the details are so fresh in my mind so here we go before I lose them...

Here is a photo of my loot that I picked up...a tour program that gave lots of details behind the inspirations for each room and sources, lots of business cards, my ticket, and the glossy media piece from Mona Ross Berman's feature in House Beautiful.

And here is a photo of the media piece for the dining room designed by MRB Interiors...

Beautiful. This dining room was one of my favorites. I've got a few sources for you if you haven't picked them out already. The upholstered dining chairs flanking the buffet are Quadrille China Seas Aga.

The chandelier is Patrick Townsend. The fabric on the stools is Schumacher. Wallpaper is Brunschwig&Fils, and the curtains are done in fabric by Kravet. There are so many other pretty details in this room but those were some of the highlights. The room was so bright and fresh. I loved it and you would have too.

My other favorite room was the library designed by William Grey-Bellis Interiors. Unfortunately I don't have any photos or media pieces of this room, but let me tell was STUNNING. He does have a photo of the space that you can view on his blog, but the photo really doesn't do the room justice. I REALLY wish I could have taken a photo or two. The fabrics were all Kravet and I would like to find out what paint he used because that was really pretty (edit: the color used was Benjamin Moore Beach Glass). The details in this room were perfect.

There were lots of other great rooms...the powder room was a favorite of mine as well. The walls were stenciled and the ceiling was painted a really deep rich cranberry color - again, wish I had a photo for you.

This was my first time touring a design show house and it was a really great learning experience. Like I said before, I could have spent hours looking around and studying some of my favorite rooms. I took lots of notes and tried to take in as much as possible - there was so much to see!


I was supposed to be headed down to Baltimore for a girls weekend but that got cancelled, so now a friend and I are heading to Doylestown for the day tomorrow - lots of shopping and dining.

Hope you have a great weekend!!


  1. How fun! I love to visit showhouses and in my experience most don't let you take pics. :(

    Have fun this weekend!


  2. Fun! I would have joined you in a heartbeat if only I lived closer!

  3. I'm so jealous! We don't have any showhouses near me (at least none that I am aware of). Probably just as well, because I'd be spending a whole lot of time there :)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Oooh, design show houses are so fun!!! Wait...Doylestown? I'm having a brain fart...are you the one I found who lives by there now? or did I not know this? That's where I grew up!! Love it there, the downtown is so quaint, have fun:) Sorry your girls weekend got canceled though, it would have been so nice for you to getaway!

  5. Love a good showhouse Holly....we have one in the spring every year. I can still remember my first one 20 years ago!