Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I've got homework to do, yep homework. It's not difficult and I actually enjoy it, but it is time consuming and really can challenge that number crunching 30-something year old brain of mine.

Last week in class we measured out our hypothetical loft space room in groups, and for homework we have to draw it to scale. According to my drawing that I'm looking at right now (although not a perfect rectangle by any means) the room is roughly 20'x28' or so. It's a big open space with lots of windows on one wall, a main entry door, and a door to what we should consider to be the kitchen and sleeping area.

We need to consider how to furnish this space for living, entertaining, and dining. This big open space. Mmmm...this ain't no doll house...I'm thinking we're livin' large in this space...

Maybe a sectional...

Perhaps a corner chair or two...

I also love this chair - I love anything on wheels. Do you think wheels are here to stay? Or is it part of the industrial look that is so hot right now? I do hope they stick around.


And I'm also thinking of an Expedit...

Although big space doesn't necessarily mean big furniture, does it? What are your thoughts?


  1. Arhaus sells a chair that I think would be perfection in a large, open loft. They are brown and white striped and have a high back.

  2. Love your inspirations Holly! Have fun with this...

  3. That's fun homework! Except I would be so bad at the math and scale part. I like your ideas and the wheels - might be useful in a big open loft to roll the chairs around? Hmmm, picturing my kids zooming around the place on chairs.

  4. That sounds like fun homework to me. Enjoy!

  5. I am totally loving those chairs on wheels too. Too bad hubby thinks they look funny :)

  6. Big spaces don't always mean big furniture -especially if you are dividing the space visually with furniture. I love the last piece- it would be a great room divider.

    I enjoy following along with your class- brings back memories :) Everyone always leaves such positive comments on blogs which is nice but I love occasionally when someone challenges my design ideas- it's helpful. With that said, I'm not loving the corner chair with the sectional. The other one would be much better- just my opinion.

    We used to tear each others projects apart in class (verbally). It got to be fun and in the meantime we were becoming stronger, more confident designers- that is a very impt lesson to learn. I hope that's helpful :)

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