Monday, September 26, 2011

Mood Board Monday is Here!

I didn't think Monday's could be this exciting!

First, a little deep thought by me. Isn't it fun to see how one person views something compared to another? That is what makes us as humans unique - we all have a different thought process and a way of looking at things. Pretty frickin' awesome if you ask me - especially when it comes to design.

Anyway, today is Mood Board Monday and I'll be linking up this post over at Pewter & Sage. The inspiration behind this Mood Board Monday challenge was wallpaper, and you've seen my thoughts on wallpaper. I'm a changed woman - I'm now a wallpaper believer (in small doses as you'll see below). Here is the wallpaper I chose to use for my mood board:

Layla Grace; Leafy scroll

I thought this paper was so pretty and feminine. I knew fairly quickly that I wanted to use this in a young girl's room. I would envision this being a tween or young teen room. I've also been wanting to use this piece of art in a room as well - it not only has the blue from my wallpaper inspiration but so many other pretty colors to draw from.

Etsy seller the wheatfield

So with my inspiration wallpaper together with this piece of art, below is my vision of a young girl's room...I chose to utilize the wallpaper as a headboard. I'd frame out the wallpaper so that it had a nice clean look.

I wanted the room to be a fun place for friends to hang out but also a room that is functional with lots of storage space and places to work/study. I envisioned a cozy window seating area with pretty pillows and cushions. The console can double as a desk or a getting ready area for hair/make-up. The large woven storage bins could sit at the end of the bed but could also move around the room as needed. Overall, I wanted the room to be colorful, pretty and sophisticated for a young girl to enjoy.

And here is my list of sources:

Wallpaper - Layla Grace
Candy pink chipper fabric - Premier Fabric at
Boteh-jade fabric - dwellstudio
Paisley fabric - Waverly Sun N Shade
Pink zebra fabric - Waverly Modern Essentials
Mirror - Target
Dresser - Ikea
Yellow floral knob - Anthropologie
Pink table lamp - Pier1 (no longer available online)
Console table - Dwell
Slipper chair - Pier1
Pendant lamp - Rosenberry Rooms
Bedding - Ikea
Large storage bin - Ikea
Wall sconce - Pottery Barn
Nesting tables - Belacor
Donut art - Etsy
Telephone art - Etsy
Love art - Etsy
Small storage bin - PBTeen
Clock - Z Gallerie
Large Expedit - Ikea

So take a few minutes and go over to check out all of the great mood boards getting linked up - I guarantee every single board is going to be different and spectacular (love that word - spec-tac-u-lar!)

A big, big thank you to Sarah and Cathy for hosting MBM - hoping there are many more to come!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the room I've created. Any items in particular strike your fancy?

Happy Monday - here's to a great week!!


  1. If you want to, you will definitely go places as a decorator! This room you pulled together is gorgeous! I could definitely see this room and it would be beautiful! Great job. This is a fun link up party, isn't it?!?

  2. Hi Holly -
    You are too cute - Mondays have never been so exciting! Love your great attitude and your bright, cheery and gorgeous mood board.

    Hope you have a good week-

    My best- Diane

  3. So first thought when I saw this wallpaper was "little girl's room." You've created a great that I would love for you to come and install in one of my daughters' rooms! The "love" art is perfect and really ties everything together. You are a natural!!

  4. It's beautiful. I am in love with that chair!

  5. Great job Holly! Great minds think a like I guess :).

    I love the bright pops of pink and the patterns you chose. Perfect for a tween/teen girl...and the little slipper chair was a great way to tie it all together.

  6. Holly, this is perfect! The fact that the furnishings are flexible and thoughtfully chosen as well as fun make for a great concept. Love your inspiration artwork and fabric choices as well. You've got game girl!!!

    Cathy @ Room Rx

  7. Love the artwork with all that color, Holly! Great board with all the pattern mix and the accessories are so much fun - like the phone :)

  8. Your mood board is so awesome it makes me want to go back in time and relive my teens.
    Well, almost :)
    It is really great, Holly. Love the colors and fun patterns.

  9. Yay, Holly!!! A wallpaper convert:) First off, I love that you love that everyone sees things differently, it is really cool when you think about it, isn't it?! Second, this room is rockin'! Love the idea of the wallpaper framed out as a headboard, I would never have thought of that. And the LOVE art from etsy is perfect with this pattern. Some of my fave things in here are the MW rug, the striped drum pendant, the Ikea 8 drawer Hemnes dresser (huge fan!) and the floral slipper chair. It's really nice that you completely thought through the function in this room. And you've got such a good list of varied sources, some I didn't know about or totally forgot. Thank you again for being such a big supporter of Mood Board Monday, we are honored to have you!!

  10. Great idea for the wall paper. The pattern is so subtle and cool and looks wonderful with all of the warmer tones and bold patterns that you chose. I'll have to hop over there and check out all of the other boards. Good job Holly!

  11. OMG, this is seriously genius. I love this room!!!! My only complaint is that I had finally decided on a palette for my daughter's room and now you're making me second guess my decisions.

  12. Love the art you picked as inspiration. This room is lovely!

  13. What a great mood board! The colors are all very pretty.

  14. Awesome work! You're right, this was a super fun challenge! - Amy @ kiwi chic

  15. That is such a cute board, love the whole thing! Especially that darling "love" print...doesn't etsy have the absolute best stuff??? Thanks for linking it up to Roomspiration, girl!

  16. This is gorgeous! stunning! Seriously, I super love everything about it. Makes me want it all in my house!