Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Kid Stuff

Yesterday I had a chance to talk with my friend about the various fabric choices I had given her for her daughter's bedroom. She really loved the candy pink chipper fabric.

Chipper in candy pink from Fabric.com

We both agreed that this was the best option for the room and that it could hopefully be used in the future if they were to switch up the decor a bit (I'd love to see this fabric used as a roman shade with a soft grey wall color for a teen room). As long as her daughter doesn't tire of pink, there are really a ton of ways you could go with this fabric in a girl's room.

After I wrote my post yesterday, I spent some time looking through my Domino book and discovered a chapter on children's rooms - BINGO! There are some great tips, suggestions, and inspirations shown. The first tip that I found helpful was not to be afraid of using a sophistocated color palette - choose a color you would choose for your own room and don't be afraid to kick it up a notch.

This tween room is a great example of that:

Even though the paint color in this room is soft and muted, the room still packs a punch with all of the accessories, fabric, and furniture - not to mention the chandelier.

I love this example below where they've used white walls and white bed linens, but what gives this room character is the headboard, bench, pillows, and window treatments.

Take a look at this sophisticated space...

Can I sleep in this bedroom please???  House of Turquoise gives lots of details on this space. The designer of this space used Quadrille fabric on the upholstered headboard, footboard, and throw pillow. You know I've been anti-wallpaper for some time, but boy if this wallpaper doesn't make a believer out of me. It's a Phillip Jefferies grasscloth and it's beautiful.

This room caught my eye as the area rug steals the show in this room.  The soft lavender on the walls and the white built-ins allow for the pop of the rug.

These are just a few of the children, tween, and teen rooms I've been checking out recently - aren't they fun? I'll have another post later in the week that revolves around kids rooms that I'm very excited about.

What do you think are some important features to a child's room?  What would be your Boo-yah! items and what would be your bargain items? Am I the only one that thinks about this stuff? :)


  1. I love that huge turquoise headboard, but the muted aqua and yellow bedroom is just gorgeous! How fun that you are helping with a little girl room. Here's what I like in my girls' rooms: mirrors, some sort of huge white board/glass board/bulletin board/magnetic board...they seem to collect so many papers, artwork etc., that it's nice to have a pretty place to put them.

  2. So many gorgeous rooms! Happy cheerful colors.

  3. No your not the only one. I think it may be a curse ;)I like good quality furniture and stylish storage (and plenty of it) in a kids room.

  4. I like these rooms because they are different from your traditional kids'/tween/teen palette. I love the light fixture in the blue room.