Friday, September 16, 2011

My First Interior Design Class

I wanted to give you some details on my first interior design class.

Class is from 6:30-8:30 which is perfect for my schedule. To start, the instructor had us go around the room to introduce ourselves and tell everyone why we were taking the class, blah blah blah. Guess who got to go first???  Yep, you guessed it, me. "Hi, I'm Holly and I have a 1-year-old at home who keeps me very busy. I went to school for elementary education but have been in financial services for the past 10 years. I probably should have gone to design school, but that's why I'm here today. I love it and I want to learn more. Stutter, stutter, babble, laugh, babble, babble."  It wasn't that bad, but I think I got my point across. It was interesting hearing everyone's reasons for taking the class. A few women's husbands are builders or contractors, and they wanted to take design classes in order to help with the business. A few people buy and sell homes and would like some background in interior design to help with staging and re-selling. One woman is a landscape architect and said that there are a lot of parallels between landscape and interiors so she wanted to learn more (need to talk to her more). And then there were people like me who just want to learn more and see where it will take them.

So then we got to the real good stuff. We started by talking about floor plans and layouts. We looked at a few pretty massive floor plans of client homes that our instructor had worked with - these were architect sketches so then we transitioned into interior design floor plans and layouts.

Before we got into the floor plan and layout discussion, the instructor talked about the importance of listening to the client and understanding what they want and how they want the room to function.

We talked about establishing a client profile and how important that first meeting is in understanding everything  that the client wants to achieve for the room, what pieces are staying, what they would like to see, do they own/rent, budget, etc. etc.

Then we got into the floor plan and layout discussion (Part 1 since we will continue it next week)  We looked at a few floor plans and talked about why they worked or what we would do differently (fun but wish we had done more of this). And then we started looking at floor plans in detail, various symbols, measurements, etc. etc.

Our homework for this week: measure a difficult room in the house, sketch it, and draw it to scale.

What did I pick? The dining room! I wrote this post earlier this week where I had asked for suggestions on a particular area in our dining room. I figured this was the perfect room to use.

I did a rough sketch of the room (real rough!) and hoped to show it to you but I can't get the image to upload for some reason - maybe next week if I can get it to work over the weekend.

I measured the room out too but I haven't done any scale drawings yet. I'll probably do that over the weekend.

But there you have it, a quick recap of class.

What are your favorite tips when working with new clients? Do you do a rough sketch of the current lay-out when you are seeing a space for the first time? I'm so curious about different people's experiences and routines with your own clients.  Do tell...!

(**My apologies for an all text post - no pictures = no fun but I hope you enjoyed the recap)


  1. Sounds like a practical lesson. Having a scaled drawing of my family room sure would be useful in helping me choose furniture for it right now!

  2. More often than not, the first thing i do when designing a room is a floor plan. I always have ideas when I start, but the floor plan helps solidify those and determine what furniture is needed, etc. Sound like a great start to class Holly!


  3. Hi Holly: That sounds so exciting! I can't wait to hear more....I'm always interested in the various classes designers take and how much it helps them! Good luck w/your floor plan!

  4. Ah! That sounds sooo exciting! The class sounds fabulous... is it weird that I'm jealous of your homework? : ) And by the way, my intro would have sounded exactly the same, ha!

  5. Hi Holly! This was such an enjoyable read!! It was also just as enjoyable to meet you today at Clover Market! I bought a desk and it is fab! I'm sure I'll be blogging about it soon. I can't wait to hear more about your design courses... I'm so envious! I may just go ahead and jump the bandwagon and take a course next semester! P.S. Your baby girl is a doll!

  6. Holly, what a great post! I'm so glad for you. I've sort of silently made the decision to go back to school for design myself, but haven't actually gotten around to finding the best avenue/program to do it. You've reminded me to get moving and get on it! I'm looking forward to following along as you continue your classes. Best of luck!