Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Talented Friend

My talented friend Christina is about to expand her office space. She designs invitations and does event planning. Christina opened a studio down the street from me about a year ago, and now has the opportunity to expand that space and with that comes more furniture and decor - yay!

Take a look at this before of a chair she plans to use in her new office space...

Not bad, right? Great frame, the caning is in great shape, and overall a really nice chair. It just needed a little update to that seat.

Christina worked a little magic...


Isn't it great? And I'm so glad she didn't paint the chair because it's a nice stain, especially with the new fabric (I think that's Waverly but not positive).

A perfect chair for her new office!

Have you done any quick updates around your home or office recently? 

I'm working on a quick update to my daughter's room and hope to show you that soon. I've also found my jumping off point for the loft project - just hope my client is on board with it.


  1. That caned chair is very similar to the furniture that I'm using in my latest project. I painted mine years ago- this is sort of making me regret that. I always love zebra stripes!

  2. Love the reinvention of that chair! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I do love a cane chair! Very nice!

  4. I like cane chairs too, and agree that not everything needs to be painted. The wood and cane looks great with the fabric.

  5. The chair turned out nicely. Will you be helping her with the office design?