Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Thoughts on Wallpaper

I have to admit. I did not hop on the wallpaper train very quickly, and this is not to say that I am 100% wallpaper lover, I'm not. Why do you ask? Have you ever lived in a home that was covered in wallpaper? Old wallpaper? That paper is REALLY difficult to remove - I'm talking lots and lots of time scraping, steaming, scraping, steaming, steaming, cursing, scraping...You get the point.

But (to my hubby - stop reading here if you are reading) I would in fact use wallpaper in a space even though I said I never ever would ever again. There are way too many beautiful options out there these days. I haven't researched or looked into it too much because we don't plan on adding it to our current home any time soon, but even just using wallpaper on one wall would be really pretty. There are so many different ways to utilize wallpaper that you can really get creative. Maybe what started this whole wallpaper thinking was the inspiration behind Mood Board Monday that is quickly approaching (yay!).

This Schumacher Greek key sisal wallcovering caught my eye...this would be cool to use in the loft space I'll be working on for class.


Another Schumacher sisal for you in a pretty purple. Don't you just want to touch it? I want to touch it. 

At the office where I work, in which a very well-known designer in the Philadelphia area designed (future post on that to come), I believe there is grasscloth covering all of the walls (I think). I need to learn more about these textures - hopefully in a future class.

The wallpaper inspiration for Mood Board Monday is from Layla Grace. I wanted to browse more options and really was quite taken with some of their floral options. I thought I was a geometric girl, but this floral really got me.

Teal accents with this floral would be so pretty.

This one is from Graham & Brown. They have some nice price points if you are looking. I really like this one and it could add quite a bit of character to a space.

That's my take on wallpaper - I'm keeping it to small doses for the time being. 

What are your thoughts on wallpaper? I know some blog friends who have used wallpaper quite successfully and quite beautifully in their own homes. Would you (or have you) use paper in a room in your home?


  1. Thanks for the modd Board Monday plug Holly! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  2. Hi Holly-

    I am a small bits of wallpaper only kinda girl. It just dates too quickly and as you know is a pain to remove. I do however love grasscloth as it looks like a solid color and a classic look that is timeless. I have some in my kitchen and have extra rolls of it just in case I have to fix it in places. I will probably keep it up forever.

    My best- Diane

  3. I think wallpaper is so pretty, but so hard to remove as tastes change. Husband and I have had one wallpaper experience early in our marriage - taking down some dated paper and trying to replace it with grasscloth. It did not go so well...I doubt I could ever convince him to try it again! Speaking of grasscloth, I loved it 20 years ago and still do. Some things are timeless I guess!

  4. I have to admit,I'm on the fence too. There are some beautiful patterns out there, but it is so hard to put up and take down. We have one small wall wallpapered in our entry, and I love it. I don't think I would add it anywhere else though, because I know me and I would easily get tired of and have to take it down. Stenciling is a much easier option.

  5. We had a lot of old, mostly floral wallpaper in almost every room growing up in one of our houses in London - previous owner's & too expensive to remove. It was quaint until the novelty wore off. Have not used in my homes since. I resort to stenciling and decals as a result but would not say no to a more modern design and texture - a lot more choices available today. Clients have preferred faux treatments.

  6. Ha! I read your title and thought "C'mon, Holly, you'd better like wallpaper by Monday!!" I think wallpaper's come along way and that maybe more people know how to use it now properly and with restraint. There are so many gorgeous patterns out there that are hard to ignore. Don't have any in my house, not sure if I ever will, but I would definitely consider it:) Thanks for being willing to entertain it for MBM!!

  7. I LOVE wallpaper, but you already know that Hols.

    Remember how I texted you today that I think i will be changing my bedroom - I have a few ideas all of which involve wallpaper (specifically, grasscloth).

    I'm thinking about changing my furniture colors to work with it - painting directly over the crackle finish that I already have, but with a solid color. It makes me nervous because I really love the yellow but we'll see. It is really restrictive when it comes to the walls.

  8. Wallpaper is a whole other beast than it was a few years ago...all of a sudden there are all these fabulous and chic patterns instead of just atrocious florals or faux finishes (c: Love it...I desperately want some in my abode, but while it has changed on the outside, taking it down is still a pain in the behind!!!