Thursday, October 13, 2011


Today marks the 100th post for West Pear Avenue - holy cow!!

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A huge thank you to my readers, friends, and supporters. I've "met" some of the most incredible people through this adventure and I'm so happy I decided to start writing West Pear Avenue.

I had no idea I would learn as much as I have in this short amount of time. I continue to be inspired by all of you. Your projects, your enthusiasm, and your support are top notch.

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Keep doing what you love and enjoy it. I look forward to the next 100!


  1. Congratulations, Holly! It's been so fun following along with your design school adventures, thanks for sharing them and all of the encouragement you send throughtout blogland everyday!

  2. Congrats Holly!! Best wishes for many many more posts.

    I love the Luciles Kitchen illustration.