Monday, October 24, 2011


A wonderful weekend come and gone. I actually got a chance to catch up on my shows this weekend. After viewing one of my favorite shows I got inspired for this quick post.

One of my favorite design TV personalities is Genevieve Gorder. Love her love her love her. Not only is she a fabulous designer but she's got the warm personality to boot - I want to be her BFF and her apprentice or maybe just one of the assistants that helps her on Dear Genevieve.

Do you watch Dear Genevieve? I wish I could find some photos from this past weekends episode. She worked to update a couple's dining room and helped them part with a dining room set that they'd had since they first married. Did you see this one? She had built-ins installed that were AMAZING, and painted the walls a deep purple-grey with the ceiling in a brilliant gold (the gold on the ceiling was the added WOW for the room). It was really a great transformation and the couple was thrilled which is always so fun to see.

No wonder she is such a hit on TV - the camera loves her and she's the type of person that can really draw you in and make you feel like you're in the same room with her. She did an episode not too long ago where she was making over a couple's kitchen. The tile they had proposed for the backsplash was no where to be found. She had to have a difficult conversation with the couple, and break the news to them that the tile wouldn't be making it to the kitchen. Not only did she deliver the bad news with finesse and sincerity, but she was honest. I think that's what sold me even more on Gen being a favorite of mine.

I've been following Genevieve on Twitter as well, and she posted a few sneak peeks of her rugs that are debuting at High Point Market. They look really incredible. She is teaming up with Capel Rugs to launch a line of flat weave, global inspired rugs. I can't wait to see them all!

If this yellow patterned rug above is part of the collection, well then sign me up!

On an unrelated note, when I posted about my tour of the Chestnut Hill Design Show House, I didn't have many photos to share with you unfortunately. But I did come across this image below of the library that was so beautiful. This is only one side of the room, but it does give you an idea of some of the wonderful fabrics and window treatments used in the space. This was designed by William Grey-Bellis Interiors.

William Grey-Bellis Interiors

I wish one or all of you could have seen this house with me. It was really beautiful. This room especially had me all ga-ga.

So back to my original reason for posting, are you a Dear Genevieve watcher and have you been watching recently? I really feel like this season has been great. Do you remember Trading Spaces? 

Hope you had a great fall weekend!


  1. I am a DG watcher and love her. I DVR it and watch it very early in the morning when the rest of my house is sleeping, a total guilty pleasure. I loved that Dining Room. So unique and simply gorgeous!

    I've also love taping any of Sarah Richardson's shows. I dream about her farmhouse ; )

    Love the windows' fabric in the photo you posted. What a beautiful space.

    Have a great Monday.

  2. Oh my, that room! Neutral with pizazz, my favroite style ( of them)! I do like her but don't really take time to watch, but obviously I should. :)

  3. I've only seen her show a couple of times but I agree, it's amazing. She is super talented but her sweet personality would win anyone over. I'll have to look for it and pvr it.

  4. I think Genevieve is a genius. Love her work and really enjoy the show.

  5. Do I remember Trading Spaces? Please!!! That was the design reality show that started it all!!! So many of those designers have gone on to have their own shows. I always hated Hilde's rooms!

    Yes, I like Dear Genevieve...I think its one of the better ones on HGTV now (so glad they are bringing back more of Sarah R. - have you been watching Sarah 101?), but I feel like I haven't seen a new episode in Dear Gen in like forever. Is this a new season?

    So glad you are into the dining room/dinnerware MBM, yay! Thanks for mentioning here, that would be awesome! You have been one of my biggest supporters, Holly - thank you so much for that:)

  6. I do not have time to watch a lot of tv -kids, work, studying, and so on. But I do catch Genevieve on other shows occasionally. She is very talented. The rugs are something I look forward to seeing. That room is amazing - love the ikat window treatments, the lighting, etc.

  7. I'm not a big HGTV viewer like I used to be (got burned out on House Hunters...), but I do watch Dear Genevieve if I happen to catch it. She was my favorite designer on Trading Spaces :)