Monday, October 17, 2011

The Big Apple

Welcome back to Monday! We had such a beautiful fall weekend here in Pennsylvania. It really felt like fall has arrived. A nice breeze in the air, the need for a light jacket or sweater, and lots of fall stuff going on all over the area. My favorite time of year! And really these next few months are all of my favorites too, so much going on and so much to be thankful for.

My husband and I decided to celebrate our anniversary earlier than usual this year, and we are going up to Manhattan in November. We wanted to go somewhere that we could drive but that really felt like a getaway - it was between Washington, D.C. and New York and we chose New York. Hooray! I love New York and always have.

Neither of us have been to Central Park, so we'll be visiting there.

I've never been to the Met so we'll also be going there as well. I'd love to take a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge (thanks for the suggestion Suzy). Frommer's recommends taking the subway into Brooklyn and then walking from Brooklyn into Manhattan to get the best views and scenery.

And of course lots of shopping and wining and dining...which is where you come into play!

If you live or have visited New York, what are your top recommendations for dining and shopping? (I know there is so much to offer in New York so tons and tons of options available). We are pretty much open to anything dining-wise. I know my husband would love to do a steak house, but I'd rather try something a little different and more romantic. Any hands-down best dinner ever picks?

We're both really into checking out new coffee shops and cafes, so would be open to any suggestions for must stop coffee shops.

This will either sound crazy to those of you that dislike cities or awesome to those that live or love being in big cities, but I love the hustle and bustle of New York. There's just a feeling you get when you're in this city that it seems almost magical - so much energy and personality!

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

I told my hubby that I'd try to limit the shopping to places that he might be interested in as well, but he's a good sport so let me know of any good home decor, markets, anything that I might like to check out too.

I'm excited and the countdown is on! Need to start buying planning outfits!

Have a great day - I look forward to any and all of your recommendations.


  1. There is a great little restaurant in the West Village. Not fancy or high-end, but small and quaint, cozy and romantic. It's a French Restaurant called La Ripaille (I can get back to you with the address). Simple, outstanding French food, but almost farm style. There's a lovely fireplace, too. Palma's is another West Village place I love on Cornelia Street. Tiny, Tuscan style Italian. Great weeknight chef's tasting menu and reasonably priced for NY. It looks like you've stepped into the Pottery Barn catalog, but Tuscan style. For great seafood with amazing Old Bay French fries, try The Mermaid Oyster Bar on MacDougal street. Modern, seafood, chic kind of place. Lastly, we splurged on our 10th and went to Felidia's (Lidia Bastianich's) restaurant where she was actually hostessing! One of the most amazing meals of my life. If you're in the theatre district at some point for a show, The Blue Fin in the W hotel is phenomenal!

    Hope that helps. Now I'm hungry. I will send you an email with links if you'd like.

    Have fun planning and have a great Monday.

  2. Holly, Be sure to check out ABC Carpet & Home while shopping. My hubby was a trooper both times I have taken him there, it's amazing! Also one of the most fabulous art museums is the Frick Collection on the upper east side. It's small and intimate, perfect for a morning or afternoon visit and you can actually enjoy the whole collection in that time! We also really enjoyed our visit to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty the last time we visited NYC.
    Have a blast, what a great way to celebrate your anniversary!


  3. Another vote for ABC Home, plan on spending some time there, inspiration overload, you'll love it!

  4. Jealous! I LOVE NYC, and Central Park will be gorgeous this time of year. What a great anniversary weekend :). I would also say ABC Home ... it's completely amazing. I

  5. I totally agree with you that there is such an energy in NY that you don't feel anywhere else. I completely love walking around Times Square which I know is repulsive to many people. I'm envious of your trip!!

  6. You are going to have a great time! After you walk across the bridge you will be near Chinatown and Little Italy...maybe someone has a good recommendation there? Walking along the Highline Park is fun. It's an old elevated train track in Chelsea that they turned into a park...awesome people watching. Also Chelsea Flea Market for a little shopping.

  7. So exciting! New York is a fabulous place to spend your anniversary. I haven't visited in years, so I unfortunately can't give any recommendations, but I know you will have a terrific time.

  8. Holly,
    There is so much to take in in NYC. Eataly is a fairly new food phenomenon on 5th ave across from Madison Sq park. Gourmet Italian food to buy, wine tastings, etc - little bar tops to sample/eat and on the roof is Birreria a beer garden with meats/cheeses. Definitely visit ABC Carpet. Boutique stores in tribeca/west village. Alta on west 10th for tapas. Virgil's bbq (amazing) close to Time Sq, west 44th. L'Artussi on west 10th a more pricey Italian but unbelieveable food. The Met is a must; also try the MOMA (Modern Art). Walk up 5th in the 50s (midtown) to window-shop. That's plenty to consider!

  9. Oh, how fun! NYC is such a cool place to visit. My sister lived in Manhattan for years, right down the street from Central Park...she always just took me around to her favorite spots, but I can't remember any of them now:( You are going to have such a good time! (PS. Who's babysitting? Will this be your first time gone overnight?)

  10. I was just reading Adore magazine online and they have an amazing spread all about NY. Here's the link...

  11. You will have the best time! I haven't been in years, but am dying to get back.

  12. You should try to go to Brooklyn Flea which I know we already talked about but that involves leaving Manhattan. I just read about the Chelsea Antiques Flea Market and that looks awesome too. Have fun!