Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Color Color Color

I had my first color theory class last night and I'm now officially obsessed with color and analyzing magazines and images on the web to see what colors were used. After we went through a bunch of examples in class of rooms using different color concepts, I made a comment along the lines of "now I'm going to be analyzing and obsessing over colors this week!!" - the instructor said "YES! that's what I want" and I think everyone else sort of just stared at me (or maybe that was just in my head - I really hope).

But really though, it got me thinking about different color schemes I've seen lately and different colors that we've used around the house (and analyzing what I would want to change if I had the time).  Emerald green, lavender, neutrals, blues...all of these colors have been swirling through my head.

We did a "Name the type of color scheme" exercise in class and I thought it would be fun to go through a few on my own...take a guess at a few of these (and there maybe more than one answer too).

Color scheme: Analogous (colors next to each other on the color wheel)
Blues, greens, and yellows throughout make this analogous. Neutral sofas, neutral walls.

We also started to talk about how color makes you feel when used in a space and what kind of mood/tone it sets for the room. 

Color scheme:  Neutrals
You're really only seeing one side of the room here, but lots of neutrals being used. The walls, the pillows, the chairs...all neutral and very soothing.

Take a look at this bedroom before and after from Better Homes and Gardens:

Before:  Achromatic - all whites with some touches of blue on the valance

And the after...gorgeous, eclectic...

I'm thinking complimentary on the color and orangey/pink. I know I love this after - how pretty and effortless it looks. That headboard and sconce - love them.

This next image is also neutral with splashes of pink...

Source: the decorista

And while we're talking about color, how about the Lee Jofa ads? Are they not one of the most eye catching ads out there right now? 

And from eye-catching we go to neutral and equally fabulous...

What colors or color schemes have caught your eye recently?


  1. Color=endless possibilities! Sounds like a fun class, I am enjoying "going back to school" with you Holly!


  2. Such a tough decision, so many different combinations speak to me! That's why I stick with neutral basic pieces and use color in my accessories.

  3. Blue-green is my new favorite combo but I am also exploring grey with a bright pops of color. The eclectic space is fabulous - love the styling!

  4. I think the eclectic space and the neutral with pops of color are my favorites. You are learning so much...thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. love color! And I adore that bedroom before and after! I'm currently re-freshing my bedroom and it's going to include some major pops of color!

  6. You've been hit by the bug. Your life will never be the same:)

  7. I'm always drawn to neutral colors for my own home, but love seeing pops of colors mixed in.

  8. Love a neutral base with splashes of color, just like your last pic. Those pops of pink are perfect!

  9. and white french ticking...

  10. I love neutrals but lately I like the idea of throwing in light lavender and plum to the mix.