Thursday, October 27, 2011

Effective Use of Color - It's a Wrap

My last color class was much better than the second class. We actually got to play around with paint and got to mix colors during our last class. The first activity we did was to choose a hue (blue, red, or yellow) and do a tint and a shade variation. I chose to do blue and here is my attempt at tinting it (adding white).

Not perfect but pretty good. 

We also got a small swatch of fabric and chose two paint colors to use with it. Then we had to try to match one of the colors which was a great challenge. I actually got pretty close to matching one of my colors (SW-Classical Gold). I can't believe I took a photo and now I can't find it. 

So that was a wrap for color class. Next up is fabrics which I think will be fun - I'm actually going to miss the field trip because we'll be up in New York, but I'm sure I could do my own fabric hunting up there too.

The other day I promised to show you a few photographs of some art books I had gotten at consignment. The books were $1.50 and then discounted off of that. I found a bunch of auction books, and I thought they would be good to have on hand for inspiration or just to get some ideas - especially since they were so cheap and in great condition.

A Christie's auction book in great condition - very fun to flip through...

Color...caught my eye.

Love the colors in this one...(photos are dark, sorry - someday I will take good photos)

Another art book below, a work by Andrew Wyeth, a fellow Pennsylvanian. Really cool and done in true Wyeth style.

This was another art book of works by Regina Saura. Are you familiar with this artist? She's got some interesting pieces that caught my eye too.

I liked this one. Coffee, yum. This is a really pretty blue but you can't really tell by the photograph.

What's funny is I never even realized this consignment store had a huge book section - at least now I know for next time.

Have you ever bought any bargain art or home decor books?


  1. What great finds, Holly, the coffee is my favorite! :)

  2. Those books are amazing. I love the color wheel. I agree with Design Blooms, it would look so great framed!

  3. Your class sounds like a lot of fun. I would love to take an art or photography class. One day :)

    Great finds, by the way.

  4. Wow! Such great finds, this kind of thing is right up my alley. LOve the colorwheel :)
    Nancy xo

  5. Love Andrew Wyeth! Gosh, PA has produced some really great talents over the years. I always brag about how I went to high school with Pink, but we also have a ton of other really famous and historic artists and authors and musicians, etc. Yay! Anyways - great finds, Holly!! So glad you got more out of this color class than the last one. So cool to see you mixing paints!!

  6. Not at your fabulous price...but I do like to get gently used books on Amazon.

  7. I am sure you will be doing some "field work" for you class while in NY. So much to take in. I have not yet been able to find decent books but have been gifted with & bought some over the years.

  8. Cool books! I don't think I've run across any in my thrifty shopping, but I've never really looked. I guess I need to start looking!