Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Elevation, Layout, and Inspiration

Every time I talk about or think about the elevation I'm working on for class, I think of the U2 song and I love that song - gets me so pumped. Anyway, I thought I'd give you a little sneak peek of my loft space design board. I finished up the details on the elevation - did a little sketching and a little coloring with colored pencils...

The elevation that I'm doing is of the window wall, so we have to show how we would outfit the windows and what else we would do with that wall in the space. The elevation is the straight on view of the wall, so how a person would view if you walked into the room - along with measurements of course. Voila...

Can you follow what my thought was for this wall? There is a set of four windows and then a set of three windows. I wanted to create a panel at the end of each set and then a panel in the middle so as to give the illusion of one large window. But there are dividers in between each window and I had to cover them somehow and did not want to use blinds, so I chose to do roman shades on each of the windows.

Here is another closer view...

I proposed some built-in bench seating on the left side of the window wall, and then some built-in shelving on the right side. My inspiration fabric for the space is used as a bolster on the left along with some other pillows as well as on some of the roman shades. Can you tell what fabric it is by my wonderful sketch? 

I came across Christopher Farr's vertical stripe in khaki and knew it would be perfect for my bachelor pad loft space, so I used this as a jumping off point for the rest of my fabrics, color scheme, and overall mood/feel for the space.

Here is a photo of the layout sketch I've proposed for the space...(yes I used hot pink post-it notes as my pieces of furniture)

I'll try to explain this in zones - A and B at the top and then C and D at the bottom.
Zone A is the eating/dining area - large rectangular table and seating for eight. Zone B is the living/TV area which is adjacent to the built in seating area you saw above (TV is also going to be housed in a large built-in cabinetry unit).
Zone C is the entry/seating/bar area - console, bench, and bar with stools. Zone D down there in the bottom right corner is going to be the office/library area (also next to the built-in bookcase I proposed above) - desk, chair, loveseat, cozy, cozy.

There you have my thought process behind this space. I thought about showing you the design board here as well but then I would have had one really long post, so I figured I'd save it and share it with you tomorrow - plus, I don't think any of my fellow classmates read this but I figured it will be revealed at class tonight and then I'll let you know how that goes along with showing you the design board I created for the space.

What do you think of my layout and elevation sketches? Would you do anything differently? I really appreciate all of your comments, feedback, and continued support. I also welcome constructive feedback too as that is always helpful (and thanks to those who have - you know who you are and I'm forever grateful). I am so thankful to all of you for reading and for allowing me to share my thoughts and ideas with you. I'll be back tomorrow with my loft space brought to life - have a great day!


  1. Your thought prcoess is great. Love the stripe fabric for a bachelor pad.

  2. It's looking so professional! I did something similar with the windows in my living room, but I like addition of the roman shades. I like the fabric too.

  3. Great job!! It's hard to believe that's your first project. That fabric is absolutely perfect. I've been trying to think of ideas for my 13-year-old son's new bedroom and this could be it.

  4. Very cool! I love watching the process as you put this room together.
    That fabric is incredible by the way. It is perfect for a loft space.

  5. Great job on the elevations, I like how you are thinking for this space. Love the fabric btw!


  6. I came right over after reading your comment. I'm liking the space plan and your whole thought process. The fabric is perfect. Man I miss these kind of assignments! Looking forward to seeing the board .Do your fellow students know that you have a design blog?

  7. Awesome, Holly! Looks like you are kicking butt on your first project! That fabric is a great find, you can pull such a good color palette from that. Love the idea of using the space below the window wall for a bench and bookcase/shelves. Can't wait to see the design board! Thanks so much for sharing this with us:)

  8. You are rocking all of your projects! Bravo!