Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Get Ready for Mood Board Monday

Sarah from Pewter + Sage has organized another Mood Board Monday. This time we are taking inspiration from dinnerware in the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, and I'm very excited about it!

Here are the options for inspiration...

David Stark's Wood-Slices from West Elm

Penumbral Doily dinnerware from Anthropologie

Lenox Simply Fine Dinnerware; Chirp Collection found at Macy's

And last but certainly not least this gorgeous pattern...Phillipe Deshoulieres "Dhara"fine china found at Bloomingdale's.

November 14th is the date for this one where we'll party and ooh and ahh over everyone's boards and original creations. Even if you've never created a mood board before, now is your chance to have some fun with it and give it a try - there is no wrong way to do this - and it's a TON of fun.

Which of these dinnerware collections are you drawn to? And just for fun, what dinnerware is sitting in your cabinets right now for everyday use? And fancy schmancy use when the time comes? We have the Mikasa Cocoa Blossom (that I love) dinnerware for all the time use - it can be casual or fancy schmancy. And then some blue and white Target brand that we use as well from my husband's bachelor days.

Hope to see you at Mood Board Monday!


  1. Nothing but white china in my house. Love the doily look, I can't imagine it ever going out of style.

  2. YAH! I'm so excited for the next MBM. I LOVE those doily paltes ... gorgeous. We don't have fine china dishes, but we use have lovely PB dishes we use for everything.

  3. We have all white dishes...some colorful glassware and linens though.

  4. YOU ROCK!!!! Thanks so much!

    We have white dishes with a beaded edge that we registered for 6 years ago when we got married. Still use them every day and for special occasions too. Every once and a while I feel like adding some color to my collection but never know what to get. (Did score some cheap colorful fun patterned melamine plates at Target and we use them all the time.) Does anyone else have a set of Christmas dishes that they break out at the holidays or is that just me (and my mom)?

  5. Hi Holly - Thanks for stopping by A Curated Lifestyle. I am completely uptight about time and schedules as well, usually caused by other people and situations out of my control!

    I love the colorful roundup of dishes - casual tableware has come a long way since the melamine of the 80s.


  6. I am excited to do a board for this challenge and hope I can pull it together in time. It is not an easy choice. I wish I had time to do more than one. Each one is so different. I have dinnerware from Crate and BArrel and CB2 and fancier set from Mikasa which I try to use more often.

  7. That chirp china makes me want to throw out my existing china and start over!

  8. Sounds fun Holly, could be the inspiration I need to learn how to do one! Pottery Barn white dishes at our house for everyday!