Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My New Favorite Rug

I had been looking for a rug for our living room for months (this is all part of an e-design project that I worked on with Kirsten from 6th Street Design School - more on that in another post). Finding the right rug is tough (anybody with me on that one?).

I had gotten a rug a few years ago for our living room that just wasn't cutting it anymore. I wanted something that would freshen up the space and also a rug that I wouldn't tire of in a few years. I also wanted a rug that could easily transition to another room if need be and to another house if we ever decide to move.

I was browsing Crate and Barrel's website a few weeks ago and came across the Island Cream Chevron Rug.

It's got a really nice chevron pattern for some great texture and is extremely durable. I can't tell you how happy I am with this rug - I LOVE it!!! I didn't order a sample and I didn't even go to see it in the store - I just ordered it which is not like me at all. But when it arrived and we rolled out I was really really pleased. If you or your client are looking for a neutral rug with a little texture this is a really great option (I also proposed this rug as part of my loft project). The price was a little more than I wanted to pay, but the quality is great and worth the little extra expense. 

The rug also comes in bronze, honey, and graphite

Have you had any good rug finds lately?

Tonight starts my color theory class!


  1. You're brave, I would've had to go check it out, such great texture!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. Who doesn't need a good neutral/soft/textural/durable rug? So worth it to spend a little more to get exactly what you are looking for.

  3. I am playing around with the idea of getting a new rug for our master bedroom, I will definitely keep this one in mind. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love this rug...they have something similar at West Elm too that I've had my eye own. Such a pretty rug with a subtle pattern. I bet you'll be able to use this rug for years. What did you do with Kirstin? I think her blog was the first design blog I stumbled upon and was hooked.

  5. Looks and sounds great. I bought the sweater rug from west elm for our family room recently. Have to share those pics soon. This one sounds perfect.