Monday, October 3, 2011

On My Lunch Break

I usually like to do something home related on my lunch break. That may consist of a grocery store run for some items that we forgot during the weekend grocery store trip, reading a magazine dedicated to beautiful homes, reading my favorite blogs dedicated to beautiful homes, or shopping for my own home. Last week I had a successful trip to my local thrift store, Impact. When I say local, that means it's within a 15 minute car ride for lunch break purposes.

Now since thrifting is so much fun because you never know what you're going to find, I figured I'd show you a few of my finds that I found interesting. Unfortunately, the furniture selection was on the lighter side so most of these are accessory related.

This is the dishes/plates/platters/bowls/tea cups aisle...hello pretty dishes for dirt cheap. You have to sort through everything but it's worth it.

(Not my cart in case you were wondering) More plates, tea cups...

Old school you spot more?

My Mom had these...

Cute teapot. You can't really tell from the photo but it's trimmed in gold.

They had a lot of serving platters like this that were really nice...perfect for lunch with friends or a bridal shower brunch.

This jar of zippers I had to photograph for Diane and Shannon who are local bloggers that I met at thrifting day. They are SO crafty and can really make something out of nothing, which is why I knew they would love these zippers...50 cents for the jar full of zippers.

Ever find cool animals or objects and say to yourself "if only I really loved _____ or if only I collected ______" In this case, if only I loved...hippos. With a pink ribbon around its neck of course. Would be cool on a bookshelf or something wouldn't it? (if you're into hippos or wooden animals)

My last find that I didn't snatch up was this...and I'm kind of regretting not getting it now.

I love it. Who else loves this with me? Coffee, gold, retro, love. I think I'd use it as a vase. I wonder if it's still there.

Ok, since I know you might be are the items that I picked up...

Two lamps and three plates for a grand total of $15. The elephant lamp I hope to use in my daughter's room (or a second baby's room) at some point - $4.00. The white lamp I'm hoping to use in our master along with the yellow floral plate for jewelry or coins, $9.50 for both ($8 for the lamp and $1.50 for the plate). And then the other two matching plates were thirty-five cents each - I liked the colors so I'll find something to do with them.

What are your latest big scores? 

I hope to be back tomorrow with the design board for the loft space I'm working on for class.

Hope you had a great weekend!!


  1. Holly.....that is MY favorite kind of thrifting...just cruising the shelves looking for goodies like the ones you found. I could do it everyday!

  2. Great finds! I could seriously spend hours in a place like that.

  3. YOu did very well. I love it all but you MUST go back for that carafe. The turquoise and gold are amazing together.

  4. Great finds Holly, I love the sweet elephant lamp!

  5. I tend to find much better loot in the warm weather months when everyone is cleaning out the garage and storage areas. I went thrifting this morning and came home empty handed.

  6. I go there over my lunch break too! I am going to look for you next time...oh and my mom had that pyrex as well. Actually I think she still does!

  7. That elephant lamp is very cute. I also like the vase that you left behind. What a fun lunch break!

  8. A girl after my own heart. I used to thrift on my lunch break too! Luckily there was a great one right across the parking lot from me, I used to run over, when I needed a break...and came back so refreshed....great finds.

  9. The elephant is adorable..I do like pieces with character and from an obvious era which means it has a story (although unknown). I am off to goodwill today to do the same. Have purchased some interesting pieces on etsy recently (but made a little more). Will share those shortly.

  10. Looks like the 35 cent plates are tea cup saucers by the way they are notched on the bottom? They would look good in a plate holder OR if you are adventurous (for 35 cents I would be) make them into sconces. I've never drilled into a plate, though you can definitely do it and I'm sure there are instructionals online.

    Also, I am surprised you bought the elephant, it is way more Asian flair than I imagine you going - however, I LOVE it and I think it will look great. Is the wiring contained in the lamp base on that one? If you find someone to re-wire let me know, my mom just gave me two small lamps that need new plugs etc they are great.