Monday, October 10, 2011


What a great daughter has started walking and just so much fun right now. I did lots of catching up with old friends. Just a great great weekend all around.

My loft space project has been on my mind a lot. Not only would I love to see it come to life, but I've been thinking about various elements that would work well and what elements I might want to change up. I also got to thinking after a few of your comments about what it would look like if my client were a female instead of a male. It didn't even really occur to me that this board could easily swing over to that with a feminine vibe.

So I stuck with the same inspiration fabric...

Christopher Farr Cloth

And transitioned the space into one where a female might reside...

I changed up a few of the elements and now I think it could be a great loft space for any female.

I kept a few of the pieces from the first board: the dining table and chair, the black pendant light, the fabrics, the coffee table, and the Brooklyn Bridge photography print.

Here are the details on the new pieces:

Rug - Platinum buche rug from Madeline Weinrib
Chandelier - Circa Lighting
Sofa - Dwell Studio
Chair - Crate & Barrel
Bird art print - Etsy seller MaiAutumn
High tea art print - Etsy seller MarcusDesignInc
Mirror - Anthropologie
Metallic grey medallion pillow - Etsy seller kyoozi
Console - Z Gallerie

When I decided to go feminine with this board, I thought it was interesting how I suddenly was looking for curvier pieces and pieces that didn't have as much of a sleek line to them as they did on the first board.

Have you ever done this sort of exercise with a board that you've created? Take your inspiration piece or a few of the elements and then try to swing them to a different type of's fun and a nice little challenge for the ol' creative brain.

Hope you had a great weekend and welcome to the start of the week!


  1. Wow- this is gorgeous! What a fun exercise to change it over to a new client. Great idea! there are so many beautiful elements in this space. I love the bird print. That delicate art piece works so well paired with the rustic dining table. Great work! :) Sounds like your class is so much fun!

  2. Interesting switch ups...I agree the curvy lines definitely make it more feminine.
    Is it weird that I tend to go for more "masculine" type spaces?

  3. That's a great challenge and I think you have created a fabulous board! I love all the furniture if you have picked - quite eclectic.

  4. That chandelier is perfect in my book! Fun changes!

  5. What a great switcheroo. You totally nailed a female version of this room. You have a great sense of style lady!

  6. That's a great challenge...sounds fun to try! I agree that the curvier pieces are more feminine and for some reason the gold/brass seems more feminite too. You've created a beautiful space.

  7. Gorgeous design Holly! I love the softer side of the loft idea. The soft gray's are perfect with the your touches of coral and brown and I am dying over the chandelier, it is so fun and feminine.

  8. Congrats on such a big milestone with your little girl!! So exciting!!! Walking is opens up a whole new world of stuff you can do:)

    Love the feminine version of this...the addition of the corally orange and gray blue is so pretty!!

  9. What a great exercise. I may try this with my next project.

    Love that walking stage, but hold on, things are about to get much more fast paced!

  10. Great board. Loving your fabric choices!

  11. Hi Holly! Thank you so so much for including my art in this board, I am totally honored and appreciate it very much! Sorry it took me a while to get over here and leave this comment! Hugs,
    Nancy xo