Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I wanted to share some treasures I found recently while thrifting on my lunch break. I like to try to get out at least once a week on a thrifting adventure. I work in business (life insurance to be exact) so I need to get out and feed my creative spirit if you know what I mean (no more business talk I don't want to bore you to tears).

My thrift shop of choice these days has been Impact in Montgomeryville. It's huge and organized - both big pluses in my book.

So without further ado...

3 cut-glass pears - perfect for the holidays or for that mantel that I'll have someday - you know I like pears. (these were actually from Impact in Norristown - different trips, swear)

I think this is supposed to be a soup bowl, but I loved it. Great lines and a classy gold/black/cream colored. $1.50

This is going on my gallery wall in the living room that's been in the works forever. The colors were perfect and how can you beat handmade? And $2.50 - do you like how I kept the price tags on? (just call me Tacky McTack)

Two plates, 35 cents each - these will also be on the gallery wall but I plan on fixing them up a bit. I'll be getting my DIY on at some point when I have free time.

I'll be back tomorrow to share some art and auction books that I found at the same thrift shop. It was inspiration central when I came across these books.

Have you found any treasures recently for your home? What are some of your favorite thrift stores or markets?


  1. I think the pears will be great displayed on your desk or in your "someday office" when you have your own design business ; ) Great finds!

  2. love the new addition for your gallery wall. the blue flowers are great!

  3. Glad you're able to squeeze in thrifting! Those handles on the soup bowl are so pretty!

  4. I love that you are fueling your creative side! Girl you pack a lot into a day, family, work, school AND thrifting!