Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend Brain Dump

I've got a weekend brain dump for you grab your coffee and hold on for the ride...

This past week was my second color class. It was a little disappointing to say the least. Actually I'll go as far as to say BOR-ING. We talked about each color on the wheel, and then viewed badly scanned examples of each color in a room. I know I shouldn't complain, but I'm paying money for this class and I think it could be conducted a lot differently and be more beneficial. I think it would be more productive to meet in small groups and discuss various images of different rooms and colors being used in a room and discuss the way the room makes you feel. This class was very unproductive to say the least. I try not to be so negative and try to find the positive in things, but there wasn't much positive to go around. We don't even have any homework in this class (I know, big nerd alert), but the homework from the layout class was such a learning experience and great to work through on my own. I've created my own homework each week, but I really think this class should be conducted differently and that homework should be given. Here's a quick homework assignment idea: tear out some pages from a magazine of rooms that inspire you and write down a description of the colors, type of color scheme, and why it appeals to you. Then we'll come back in class next week and discuss a few.  (I'll have to remember all of this when I'm writing my class evaluation form)

Ok, enough with the kicking and screaming.

Just as I was thinking of my frustrations voiced above, I read an ironic post from Carol at The Design Pages. Carol wrote a post about how wonderful her workshop is going this week. Carol is taking the True Color Expert workshop conducted by Maria Killam. Maria is a color whiz and I would love to be able to take her workshop sometime.

Speaking of color, did you know the Guggenheim Museum is teaming up with Fine Paints of Europe to produce a total of 200 paint colors available to the consumer?

I might have to add the FLOR showroom to my New York City agenda. The FLOR catalog arrived the other day and it never disappoints. Filled with tons and tons of color inspiration. (And thanks to all of you for your great NYC suggestions)

This is my favorite...
All three images via FLOR

I'm in the process of cooking up a guest post series, so hopefully I'll have news for you on that soon.

That's all she wrote for today...we're off to the pumpkin patch.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I always love the Flor catalogs! I find them so inspiring. As for your color class, hopefully your instructor is just off to a bad start and it will get much better! Have a great weekend!

  2. So sorry that this week's class was such a disappointment. I think you have some great ideas and could probably teach the class better than your instructor! Love the idea of breaking into small groups and discussing rooms and color palettes. Maybe we can have some blog homework to complete rooms and discuss...oh, I guess we already kind of do that!

  3. I can see where your education background and designer skills merge Holly: great idea for a homework assignment! Totally practical. If nothing else, your drive and motivation will teach you what the instructor is not.

    Hope the pumpkin patch was more fulfilling!

  4. It's so frustrating when a class is lame. It's possible the teacher is just trying to cover the basics before he/she launches into the important stuff. I have to say that I also experienced a lot of disappointment with colour theory in school. Save your pennies and take Maria's course.

  5. Flor is a constant inspiration. I have purchased their tiles for a couple of rooms and had prayed that they would offer tiles for stair treads and now they do. I also recommend them to clients. Forgot to suggest their showroom to you for nyc but I am glad you have that down now. Sorry about the class..color is imperative in design and should be one of the most fun aspects of learning design.