Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Classic Dining - Plan B

Thanks for all of your comments and feedback yesterday on my design board for Mood Board Monday. It was a lot of fun had by all.

I remember very clearly a post by Lori a few weeks ago where she had presented a design board to a client and then her follow-up the next day was discussing the importance of a Plan B. How smart!

Since I had been playing around with two different versions of my design board, I decided to consider this my Plan B for a hypothetical client.

I started with this...

The "client" really loved the look and feel of this board, and really was keen on the Susani Trellis by Lee Jofa. They weren't sold on the use of the navy. Instead they preferred using more of the green in this fabric, so then I came up with Plan B...

Here is what I changed up from yesterday:

- I added a new paint color to the background, Urban Putty from Sherwin Williams

- I switched out the blue paisley and blue circle fabrics for a green velvet to be used on the bench seating and Betwixt in biscuit for some pillows or even a large bolster. I also added another new pillow from Etsy seller Kyoozi that brings in some more of that pretty gold found throughout.

- I also switched out the grey for the green arabesque rug that is part of the Genevieve Gorder line for Capel

The rest of my sources can be found on my design board from yesterday.

I really didn't intend on this board to pan out to be so literal for the holidays, but it just worked out that I also added in a few pieces of holiday decor.

So what are your thoughts on Plan B? Are you more of a green or a blue person? (Or neither? that's okay too)

Thanks again for the feedback from yesterday. I'm still in the learning process of creating and mastering the design board process, so all of your tips and comments go a long way. I really appreciate you taking the time out to read and to comment.

I'm going to be sharing this board over at Cottage & Vine. Rene is hosting her Room By Room series and this time around it's dining rooms, how appropriate! Go on over and check it out if you have a chance.

Tonight is another design class and we're focusing on furniture. I'll be back soon to share the details.


  1. Plan B rocks, the color tweaks are gorgeous! I'll bet your "clients" love you for the 2nd option!


  2. Thanks for the shout out Holly! I love them both, but I love green, so I'm definitely partial to plan b.

  3. You know how much I love blue, but that green may have me rethinking my favorite color! What a fun idea to tweak your board. I guess clients aren't going to love everything the first time around. Thanks for the heads up about the Room by Room series too. I'm going to link up and check it out.

  4. I'm way more of a Green person, so love the changes you have made! I'm a huge Genevieve Gorder fan so either rug would work for me, but does it matter that Christmas is my favorite time of year? ;-) The one thing you didn't carry forward that I totally love is the feather art... just for feedback purposes.

    Great job Holly!

  5. If I were your hypothetical client I wouldn't even have needed to see Plan B because you would have sold me on Plan A :)

  6. Oh gosh, Holly! This one's beautiful too! What a great idea. I think the rug makes this one...hmm, tough choice! Something about this one just really sticks with me...I love it!

  7. Gosh this is hard. I really liked the first and then I saw the second one. Maybe I am more of a green person (?) They are both beautiful.

    Thanks for joining the "room by room" series. I will stay tuned for how this evolves.


  8. This is another great board Holly! The rug definitely ties in to and draws one's attention to the beautiful Lee Jofa fabric and the green velvet, too looks luxurious.

  9. I ALWAYS have a plan B, you just never know what direction your client will choose. This way you have the options covered and look like a super star for being so prepared ;-)

    Beautiful boards, glad I found your blog [via 6th Street].