Monday, November 21, 2011

Fun Stuff

Today I put together some favorite items that I've come across recently - whether you use these items as inspiration for gift giving, excuses to ooh and ahh, or to add more favorites to your Etsy list - I hope you enjoy.

Coco Mademoiselle is my all time favorite perfume. Not only does it smell wonderful, but I also love the packaging as well.

Stacy from Red Door Home crafts the prettiest stockings and also has a monogram pillow in her Etsy shop that would make a wonderful gift.

I love this personalized pillow cover. I've had some really great Etsy transactions, but Jamie is absolutely the sweetest seller I've ever dealt with. I've ordered personalized beach towels from Jamie and they make really awesome gifts. I can't wait to get a pillow cover when Sheila gets older.

Wouldn't any female be thrilled to add a new clutch to her accessories wardrobe? There are so many pretty options available at Red Ruby Rose but this peony clutch really caught my eye.

 If you know a person well, then personalized stationery is a really great idea. These cards are from Stelle Designs.

I got my husband a laptop sleeve last year for Christmas. It's sitting next to me right now and still looks brand new. This herringbone iPad sleeve would be a great gift for anyone. There are a ton of options over available at Bertie's Closet.

If you have any coffee lovers in your life, then this French press art print would be a great pick. Working Woman has still life options, food prints, and much more in her shop.

Cutest snowflake stamp - would also make a nice hostess gift along with some note cards.

I love this necklace, really love. Round House Jewelry has some gorgeous and affordable pieces of jewelry.

And you cannot go wrong with a purchase from The Wheatfield. I think one of these state prints would be a nice addition to any home - a hallway, living room, child's room, play room, etc.

So there you have some of my favorite things...which is your favorite?

I'll be sharing this over at Saved by Suzy. Suzy is hosting a favorite things party, so lots and lots of ideas to be had over there - take a peek if you get a chance. I told Suzy that a good friend of mine used to host a favorite things party where we'd each bring our favorite item of the moment, and then at the end of the party we all pulled numbers and got to pick a gift. It was a lot of fun!

It's Thanksgiving week - woo hoo!!! I love Thanksgiving. And speaking of Thanksgiving, thank you to everyone for your sweet, thoughtful, and supportive comments from last week where I shared a little bit about me and my family. I appreciate the support!


  1. Fun finds! I like the snowflake stamp. Wouldn't that be a fun way to have little helpers "decorate" presents?

  2. Nice round up Holly! I am off to check out these new resources!


  3. Thanks for scoping these out for us Holly, maybe I could wrap that monogram pillow up for myself and sneak it under the tree!

  4. I do not have a list put together but I think it is time I did. Yours has some interesting and cute stuff - love the necklace, the clutch is very pretty, the state print is also a very nice piece.

  5. That's a fabulous roundup of beautiful pieces. I'll take one of each please!!

  6. What a nice collection Holly! I LOVE that necklace too, but would pretty much say 'yes please' to any of the above :-)

  7. Beautiful finds Holly. I have seen so many ipad covers that I love! I think I need an ipad just so I can accessorize it :).

  8. Thanks for playing Holly! You have some great finds that I will definitely be adding to my Etsy favorites. The pillowcase is darling and I love anything from The Wheatfield. That print would be a great addition to any gallery wall.

  9. Great stuff, Holly! Too funny...I just literally received one of those monogrammed pillows from Stacy at Red Door Home in the mail today!! I ordered it last week for my sister for Christmas - customized the colors and letter - and it is already here!!! She's fast and its beautiful!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful second Thanksgiving with Sheila!!! I'm looking forward to seeing if Maura likes some of the traditional fare:)

  10. I love your choices. The Peony clutch is amazing and I also love Coco Mademoiselle!

  11. I really love the snowflake stamp, Holly and the necklace is so delicate and unique. Great gift ideas. I love how much creativity is out there. Your friend's favorite items party is a great idea!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. All of these things are so pretty! Love the clutch and the perfume bottle! :)

  13. I'm looking for a new scent since mine's been discontinued. Will just have to check Coco out. Thanks!